Only One


  • The song seems to be directed toward a battle, Possibly the one with the band Mushroomhead, who have accused Slipknot of ripping them off. Interpretation:

    "I'm not the second coming, I'm the first wave" - expressing how they aren't the copies.
    "In other words, consider me branded. Another version of me, another version of you" - He seems to have changed his view. They're just the same idea, neither of them copied the other.
    "I belong to only me, silence for my rivalry" - Mushroomhead and Slipknot shouldn't be feuding. >>
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    Paul - Kalispell, MT

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  • Ryan from Morgantown, WvThe musical style of Slipknot is constantly contested due to the genres their music covers, however Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. is the band's most experimental release and is significantly different from the heavy style the band became known for.[7] One of the band's initial aims was to mix many genres of music to achieve their own style; an early incarnation of the band was called "Meld" based upon this.[7] However there are still familiarities in the sound of which Slipknot became known for. Tracks such as "Slipknot", "Some Feel" and "Only One" feature a dominantly heavy metal influence, specifically in that of the guitars.[8] Tracks such as "Tattered & Torn", "Killers Are Quiet" and "Gently" also include the slow, cerebral angst build up style that the band also retained in some of their more recent work.[8] The album implements elements of jazz and funk, although "Confessions" is the only track on the album dominantly led by these styles.[8] "Do Nothing/Bitch Slap" is the album's most complex song, combining both of these dominant styles as well as implementing areas of disco.[8] The album title and the majority of the lyrics are references to the role-playing game Werewolf: The Apocalypse.[9] Vocalist Anders Colsefini and percussionist Shawn Crahan shared a mutual interest in the game which was a large influence on the band, Colsefini said: "The attraction was being able to play a different person", declaring that this was the essence of Slipknot.... taken from Which most of was taken from a really old Anders interview So not D&D but Werewolf: The Apocalypse is listed as the source for the lyrics in question.
  • Ian from Chilli, OhSlipknot and Mushroomhead have officially called off the rivalry. Look up Waylon and ST1TCH's Noisecreep interview. Also, after one of Slipknot's Cleveland shows, Corey Taylor, J-Mann, and Waylon were seen out at clubs together. J-Mann even mentioned a possible tour together before he left Mushroomhead. Also, Mushroomhead formed first, and wore masks first. However, Slipknot formed only 2 years later, before either band got big or well known outside of their respective cities. Mushroomhead did it first, but that doesn't mean Slipknot ripped them off. Also, neither band sounds anything like the other. Both are original. Members of both bands have consistently talked, and usually only have nice things to say. Even Mushroomhead's song 'Burn' highlights that they need to unite against people hating on them, and calling them freaks and saying the masks are a stupid "gimmick". In the video for Burn, there is a shot at about 42 seconds in where MHead drummer Skinny can be seen with a man wearing Shawn Crahan's mask, and another wearing a mask of Ace Frehley from KISS, and holding CD's (we are all successful, nobody ripped off anybody, so why are we fighting?). I hate when people compare both bands, because that means they haven't actually listened to the music, only seen the pictures and videos. Both bands are great, and aside from the masks, have nothing to do with each other.
  • Mickey from Nyc, Nymushroom head might have been a rip off slipknot but there was never a real feud it was just the fans being idiots (like usual) and one night when knot was performing in boston they got crap thrown at them and booed off the stage knot called mushroomhead to talk about it and wanted to make it clear there was nothing going on between them
  • Surfacing from Anonymous, NjNo, i think Paul is right, this song is about the feud with Mushroom Head, not Dungeons and Dragons lol...Slipknot is wayyy better than Mushroom Head!
  • Brad from Gotham, WaThis song, As I found out from a friend, is about D&D (Dungeons and Dragons). This is not the only song slipknot has about D&D. From what I've heard, the guy before Cory Taylor who was lead singer and I don't remember his name, Andrew somthing, wrote Gently, Tattered & Torn, and Only One along with a few others about Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Jerimias from Nuuk, GreenlandWhen it comes to SlipKnoT Songs, I never get tired of saying/writing: F*cking good song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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