Album: Astro Lounge (1999)


  • This is a very personal song written by Smash Mouth's guitarist, Greg Camp. He got married about a year before the band landed their record deal, and when they took off, he found himself leading a very different life, dedicating himself to his career while his wife bared the burden. "I was just this guy that was working, home all the time, and in a band for fun," he said in a Songfacts interview. "And then all of a sudden I'm gone. I'm on the road, and when I get back, I'm in the studio, and then I'm on the road again. And I'm traveling around and doing interviews and doing all these sorts of things that a band that's on fire is doing, and it was sort of like, 'I'm sorry I wasted your time. But this is what I'm doing. This is apparently what I'm supposed to be doing.'"
  • The video is a cinematic production directed by Chris Hafner, who also did the 2Pac video for "Changes." In the clip, lead singer Steve Harwell gets roughed up by some Mafia types who throw him in a freezer while his date waits for him to show.


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