Album: Enslaved (2012)
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  • This is a track from Enslaved, the eighth studio album by the Metal band Soulfly. It was recorded in late 2011 in Tallcat Studios in Phoenix, Arizona and produced by frontman Max Cavalera along with Zeuss. The record was released March 13, 2012.
  • The album has a concept of slavery. Speaking with Noisecreep, Cavalera explained why: "I actually first had the idea 15 years ago and it seemed like a powerful Metal concept. What has happened to people over the years, the brutal behavior that has been thrust upon people, it involves just so much pain and struggle. I remember reading a poem in an old book, a cry for justice from someone being owned and abused, a slave, and my mind just took off from there. I want people to pay attention to the lower tunings on this new album – the tone and the feeling of those tunings really lends to this concept."

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  • Dzo from AtlantaGeorgia, Georgia
    You're always on my mind
    I know you're in hell
    But not another Belle
    More beautiful will you find
    Georgia, Georgia
    I say I love you so
    I know there's pain
    And our world's insane
    But I'm staying and
    Will never go
    Georgia, Georgia
    Stand strong don't
    Be afraid
    We've been knocked down
    And got off the ground
    Just to see another day
    Georgia, Georgia
    I can't get you off
    My mind
    A love like this
    Is truly bliss
    And now I know
    Just what they mean
    When they say that love is
    This was inspired by Ray Charles Georgia on my mind. Thank you Ray, Songfacts and most importantly the women and men on the frontlines of this pandemic.

  • Dzo from AtlantaFaceless demon
    In the shadows hid
    Killer of our kind
    Is how you live
    But what you have started
    You cannot end
    For now you are the prey
    Let the hunt begin
    Your death we will
    Celebrate this world
    As one
    Send you to Hell
    A thousand suns
    Will consume you
    You will know our pain
    For those that have died
    Will watch you burn in flames
    You faceless demon
    The Angels will call
    Then you will face God
    And you shall fall
    Down on your knees
    And beg of Him please
    But He will not hear you
    As He kills your disease.
    Once again thank you songfacts for giving me a place to release this pain, it's the only place I care to go. U rock. Crush the curve.
  • Dzo from AtlantaMy dearest New York
    Now racked with pain
    Do not forget
    The fact remains
    That deep in your veins
    Heroes stand
    Some of the best
    To grace this land
    I know you look forward
    To much better days
    You are not alone
    So hear what I say
    My dearest New York
    We love you so
    Know that every
    Dark cloud
    One day must go
    Time heals all wounds
    And friends will too
    We've got your back
    And all you go through
    My dearest New York
    So beautiful and strong
    America's Queen
    She will live on
    I see from the south
    That we see the
    Same dawn
    On this damn demon
    One day will be gone
    My dearest New York
    We hold you near
    My dearest New York
    We're always right here
    My dearest New York
    Fight with pride
    My dearest New York
    We're right by your side.
    Get better America
    Wash your hands
    And crush the curve. Dzo. Atl's son.

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