4th of July

Album: Superunknown (1994)
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  • This song has some apocalyptic themes and very dark lyrics ("Jesus tries to crack a smile beneath another shovel load"). Chris Cornell explained the song in an interview with RIP magazine, April 1994: "One time I was on acid, and there were voices ten feet behind my head. The whole time I'd be walking, they'd be talking behind me. It actually made me feel good, because I felt like I was with some people. At one point I was looking back, and I saw that one person was wearing a black shirt and jeans, and the other person was wearing a red shirt. They were always there. It was kinda like a dream, though, where I'd wake up and look and focus once in a while and realize there was no one there. I'd go, 'Oh, f--k, I'm hearing voices.' '4th of July' is pretty much about that day. You wouldn't get that if you read it. It doesn't read like, 'Woke up, dropped some acid, got into the car and went to the Indian reservation.'"

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  • Damn East from New ZealandThe guitar riff is like struggling to wade through thick mud yet the vocal melody is sweet and foreboding...
  • Jamie (cannabis Farmer) from California, But Moving Out Of The Fires To Ohio This song opens my soul and let’s all the darkness pour out from all of my past lives. The people following him, I’ve seen these people. It’s like they’re always there. They hear every thought you think. Maybe Chris is one of them now. Maybe he’s listening. Maybe he’s singing a new song. This is the darkest song I I’ve ever heard. Love every word.
  • Steve from FloridaYou don't get Shadow on the Sun and Like a Stone without this song.
  • Mike from MissouriI've been listening to this song since this album came out in the 90's ,This is my ring tone , one of soundgardens best songs ,I love the dark grungy guitar the lyrics and of course Chris's unique vocals
  • Kirk from Texas1 of 6 discs I manage to remove this week from my CD changer I found that hasn't been opened since I totaled a car, removed the changer and placed in a storage box 20 yrs ago. I'm guessing around 1998-1999 time frame. Nothing beats a true digital copy of this and this song still gives me chills in 2020. Today is June 25 and next weekend is the 4th...
  • T from UsaListen to an isolated vocals of this song and prepare to have your mind blown
  • Connor from PhiladelphiaThis is seriously one of my favorite songs and i need more discussion boards about it. No song has ever brought out such emotions in me
  • Allen from Seattle, WaSaw Chris play solo in Yakima, WA last summer (2016). He said this song took place on the Maka Reservation in Neah Bay. This blew my mind because I've been fishing there for the 4th twice and it is CRAZY. Literally on the edge of the West Coast and the middle of beautiful wilderness. The locals have a firework show that lasts until the sun comes up. Look up this location and it's splendor and I assure you that your paradigm will be moved.
  • Daniel from Indianapolis, InThis is such an underrated song. It is soooo good.
  • Qbas from Krk, PolandGives me goosebumps and makes me wanna go out trippin'.
  • Pete from Los Angeles , CaIn my opinion this is the best song on the album. It's one of the few songs that identify the bands versatility. Their roots of metal/hard rock are evident here. Chris Cornell's insane vocal range(the dueling vocals give it such a unique sound) and Kim Thayil's guitars seductively engage you in the song.

    Brilliant song from the "Knights of the Soundtable".
  • Lisa from Eveleth, Mni cant believe more ppl havnt commented, i love his song
  • Adrian from Gettysburg, PaYeah, this song sounds like an acid trip. The guitars and drums sound different from the rest of the album, but in a good way.
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