Big Dumb Sex

Album: Louder Than Love (1989)


  • Rock clichés like the Jesus Christ Pose were often a target of Soundgarden's scorn, and on this track, they take aim at the many songs that use sexual euphemisms to imply sex instead of just stating the obvious. Guitarist Kim Thayil, who refers to this genre as "Butt Rock," said: "We thought we'll ditch all the euphemisms and say what all the disco dance bands had been trying to say for a decade. It's a parody of the whole genre of stupid rock."

    Not everyone in the band was on board with it - Hiro Yamamoto, the group's bass player at the time, hated the song.
  • There are two guitars on this track, as Chris Cornell plays alongside Kim Thayil. They're playing in harmony to create a fuller sound.
  • Lead singer Chris Cornell wrote this song. He was once quoted as saying he would never have written such a Pop-oriented song if it hadn't "used the word 'f--k' 35 times." >>
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    Kurt - Downers Grove, IL

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  • Michael from Staten Island, NyWasn't this song on the Guns n' Roses album The Spaghetti Incident?
  • April from Ferndale, WaBecause a song that uses the F-word 35 times won't get played on the radio thats why. Audioslave did not record this song it was off of Soundgardens' 1989 Louder Than Love LP. Chris Cornell did have a life before Audioslave.
  • Joe from Glendale, NyThis was also made to make fun of (or as tribute, im not sure) of Guns'n'Roses. Chris Cornell double tracked a high pitched voice over a very low pitch voice which Axl Rose does all of the time.
  • Cjw from Liberty, MoWhy didn't this song ever get played on the radio it has such a poppy beat. I hope that Audioslave puts it out again. It just had a way of putting you in the mood...
  • Dee from Indianapolis, InThis has to be one of Soundgardens best, and before they became big.
  • Kurt from Downers Grove, IlChris Cornell was once quoted as saying he would never have written such a pop-oriented song if it hadn't "used the word 'f-ck' 35 times."
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