Sail On Through

Album: And Nothing Hurt (2018)


  • Jason Pierce incorporates some Morse Code at the end of this song. He explained to Uncut that he inserted the international distress signal into the track as he feels it has its own kind of poetry.

    "Everybody knows that noise as the sound of distress, so it fitted with everything," the Spiritualized mainman said. "I've been doing things where the lyric was in Morse and it sounds really beautiful, but I haven't realized that yet. It sounds really weird, like strange jazz like it was a language. It's only like when you listen to a Serge Gainsbourg or (Spanish musician) Nacho Vegas track: I don't speak either language but I know there's a poetry there."
  • Morse Code, especially SOS (...---...), the standard emergency signal in Morse code, has been incorporated into numerous pop and rock songs over the past few decades. They include:

    "Radioactivity" by Kraftwerk

    "YYZ" by Rush

    "Astronomy Domine" by Pink Floyd

    "The Tide Is Turning" by Roger Waters

    "D'you Know What I Mean" by Oasis

    "Underneath the Radar" by Underworld

    "Before I Forget" by Slipknot

    "London Calling" by The Clash


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