Album: Language. Sex. Violence. Other? (2005)
  • The subject matter of this song is debatable, but the use of drugs can be ruled out by the line, "You can't touch it." It is widely believed that the song is about the feeling of love, in which case it is a very touching song. >>
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    Max - Toronto, Canada

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  • Reese from Atlanta, GaIt can't be the song about love. I wish it were but somehow it's a song sbout something that gets you high.

    "what makes you bad make you fell much better.." or "you can't touch it" - doesn't sound much like a proper love ballad does it?

    Pink's "Sober" reminded me of "Feel". It's sad.
  • Amy from Chester, Englandi really like this song. i think its about love, and finding love again. i like it lots- and if ya havent already listen to it!!!
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