If Anyone Falls

Album: The Wild Heart (1983)
Charted: 14
  • This was inspired by guitarist Waddy Wachtel, who helped Warren Zevon write "Werewolves Of London." In the liner notes to her TimeSpace album, Nicks said: "There was a time when I was falling out of one love into another, when nothing else seemed to matter except this person. I adored him... he was everything I wanted to be; a real rock and roller and a lover of The Stones... small and frail sometimes, but in many ways the strongest person I have ever known. His word was law. became him, he became me, and no one dared intrude upon this union. He is no longer with me, but his spirit twin never leaves him. It was music combined with love, combined with the fact that when Waddy was beside me, I felt completely safe. It is to my great sorrow that we are no longer on stage together, but it is to my great joy that he always seems to be with me, even after all this time. Love is a word that some entertain... If you find it, then you have won the game." >>
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    Shawna - Phoenix, AZ

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  • Kevin from Woburn, MaI love this song and I'm surprised it's not more loved by fans. It's such a great iconic Stevie Nicks sound with more interesting lyrics than her larger hit "Stand Back" (which I also love) from the same album. "Sara", "If Anyone Falls" and "Stand Back" are her three best songs (in that order) in my opinion.
  • Ekristheh from Halath, United StatesThe opening scene of the video seems to portray Nicks as Queen Alexandra of Russia with Mick Fleetwood as Rasputin entering a chapel.
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