Back to the River

Album: Back to the River (2008)


  • Tedeschi co-wrote this track with veteran swamp rocker Tony Joe White, who penned the standard "Rainy Night In Georgia" back in 1962.
  • Tedeschi told Billboard magazine that the Back to the River album was made quickly, though not necessarily by design. She recalled: "I did most of my tracks in two days. I had to 'cause I didn't have any time in July and the label wants it for fall, which is insane. I was free all those months - January, February, March, April I left open to make a record. The label kept putting it off and then finally they got behind it and everything started to flow, but I was already out touring." Despite being rushed the album debuted at #71 on The Billboard 200, the highest peak position of Tedeschi's career.

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  • Joe Conner from Normal, IlSusan Tedeschi is from the Boston area. Not Texas
  • Tom from Nederland, Txgreat texas blues artist, also married to derek trucks, a great player himself.
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