by SZA

Album: SOS (2022)
Charted: 12
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  • "Blind" is a song about a toxic relationship. SZA's man plays on her weaknesses and her past, and she's hurting. Inside she's conflicted; nice guys don't attract her and the singer is in love with her dysfunctional boyfriend. She knows he's no good for her but still lusts after him.
  • SZA first teased "Blind" at the end of the music video for "Shirt," which she released on October 28, 2022. She performed the whole song live for the first time on the December 3, 2022 episode of Saturday Night Live. SZA teased "Blind" again when she used it to soundtrack the official album trailer of her SOS album.
  • SZA co-wrote "Blind" with the track's producers:

    Los Angeles producer and mixing engineer Rob Bisel. He contributed to over half of the 23 tracks on SOS, including "I Hate U."

    Chicago multi-instrumentalist Carter Lang. He co-produced multiple tracks on SOS, including "I Hate U" and "Good Days."

    Margaux "Yuli" Whitney, who also played viola on the track. She co-wrote Doja Cat's Planet Her track "Been Like This" and performed strings on five of J Cole's KOD tracks.

    Will Miller, whose other writing credits include Chance The Rapper's "Good Ass Intro" and Eryn Allen Kane's "Piano Song."
  • Yuli, Bisel, Lang, and Miller didn't set out to create an atypical SZA track.

    "I feel like part of the reason that 'Blind' connected is because it was just made from a place of love," Yuli told Genius. "We were like, 'Yes, we're all excited to have this go to SZA. But also, 'We're not going to bring this hungry energy into the session. We're just going to create and be open and see how it comes out,' and that's why I feel like the song has the energy it does."


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