Slowdance On The Inside

Album: Where You Want To Be (2004)
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  • This song refers to the relationship between Adam Lazzara and former Taking Back Sunday and Straylight member John Nolan's sister (who is also is the band) Michelle Nolan. Even though the story goes that Adam cheated on Michelle while on tour, this implies that there is more to the story and Michelle might have had a role in the ending of their relationship. In the song, he is giving up on this girl that he loves because of problems contributed by both of them. He is trying to tell her he loves her, but it doesn't make a difference what they do because it won't work out. >>
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    Amina - Toronto, Canada
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  • Jess from Glasgow, United Kingdomamazing song. definately a counterpart to soco amaretto lime.
    "one of us never did it but we're taking it all and her eyes never batted when she said it at all it's an all night open, know it" "this glasshouse is burning down, you light the match I'll stick around" i remember reading somewhere that this was a reference to some Glass House records or venue or studio or something that the original band used or played in.
    interesting though.

  • Chris from Milwuakee, Wipretty sure that this song is definetly a stab at my guy Jesse Lacey from Brand New. it has the same chords as Soco-Armaretto Lime and the same opening lyrics, and Adam says "and im boring like his songs" pretty sure thats getting at Jesse, cuz im mean honestly, i could see why people would think some of his songs are boring. glad to see im not the only one who noticed this.
  • Chris from Tampa Bay, Fldont think im an idiot guys but i totally didnt even notice the comment from jonathan from germany lol but woo! im not the only one tht thinks that lol
  • Chris from Tampa Bay, Flwell im not the only one who thinks this, but for those who are brand new fans like me, dont you notice a big similarity between the beginning lyrics of slowdance on the inside and soco amaretto lime? not to mention the first two chords of the songs too..but the lines like "i never asked for your opinion, i just got it, and i get it" can refer to jesse laceys quote and t shirt designs that say "mic's are for singing, not swinging." I think it could possibly be a stab at brand new, and the lyrics may be similar because dont forget jesse was in the original TBS lineup and him and adam co-wrote alot of the songs so they took the lyrics with them when they went there separate ways. And back to the relation between it and soco amaretto lime, at the end of both songs they chant one line until it fades away (well in soco's case it just abrubtly ends lol) but its just a thought guys, not saying its for sure
  • Chris from Dover, NjAdam's singing about John when he says "and I'm boring like his songs," which just adds to his bitterness about the whole semi break-up of TBS and Adam and Michelle's break-up.
  • Jonathan from Karlsdorf (karlsruhe), GermanyHas anyone ever noticed the similiarities between this song and the song "Soco Ameretto Lime" by "Brand New"

    The first to lines contain the same keywords and both songs end with the same line repeatet over and over again and the music fading

    Theres also that thing about John Nolan and Jesse from Brand New and the songs "theres no 'i' in team" and "seventy times 7".
  • Horatio from Perth, AustraliaWho is adam talking about when he says "i'm boring like his songs"?
  • Max from Gothenburg, SwedenHaha, this whole mess is soo emo... Jesse of Brand New's gf cheated on him with John Nolan. Later Adam cheat's on john's sister and John is off the band.. Taking Back Sunday - The band of infidelities..
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