This Photograph Is Proof (I Know You Know)

Album: Where You Want To Be (2004)


  • This song is about relationships. It's about how it sucks when you break up with a girl because you have to go through the whole process of looking for a new girl and "Drop everything start it all over." >>
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  • Joey from Traverse City, MiThe song is definitely about cheating. The line "Now I'm lying on the table with everything you said, keep that in mind, the way that it felt when the most I could do was to just blame myself." If you really love someone, the last thing you want to do is blame them for their mistakes. Speaking from experience, its not impossible to blame yourself. I didn't show you enough attention, etc. And the line "Its never bad enough to just leave or give up, but its never good enough to feel right." is definitely the act of cheating.
  • Jesse from Greenville, Scthis is a pretty confusing song. but im pretty sure that one of the guys from brand new cheated on one of the guys from taking back sunday's sister. and the guy from tbs wrote this about it(i think) so you gotta take into consideration that.

    and im also thinking that there are different people talking to each other in the song. like.. i know you know everthing is him saying ya i know you found out everything. and then i know you didnt mean it is her saying back i know you didnt mean it. and then the start it all over is the girls brother (the guy from tbs) being sarcastic saying ya you start it all over and then you'll just remember more than you'd like to forget. pretty much just telling his sister not to go back cuz it'll suck.

    him saying ill wait til you listen and wont say a word, to follow your instincts it just never worked is him saying im not gonna interrupt because acting off impulse never worked and im not gonna get you to calm down by doing that.

    the part where he says the weight of my decisions was too much to hold but they were never yours.. was the guy that cheated telling the brother that he shouldnt have ever gotten into the relationship at all. because the brother apparently told but they it wasnt his bad decision to tell the sister about.

    if you think about it it just might be the brother and the cheating boyfriend talking. the girl doesnt even have to be there for it to make sense.

    but i guess it's pretty much what ever you wanna think about it.
  • Ericka from Sa, Mookay this is what i think of this song
    i dont think that its the girl that cheated i think its the guy.. because when hes saying "ill wait till you listen i wont say a word" hes saying that shes probably getting pissed and not letting him talk because thats what girls do when there hear stuff like that they dont like the guy talk, "i know you know everything" hes saying i know your not dumb i know you knew that our relationship wasnt going on "i know you didnt mean it" is i know you didnt mean for the relationship to go to crap. and "remember more than youd like to forget" can we forget about this? because its something i dont want to remember"the weight of my decisions
    were impossible to hold
    but they were never yours" he says this saying that it wasnt her fault that he decided to cheat and that it was impossible for her to be a part of it.
  • Kevin from Chicago, IlI think this song is about a guy who is obsessing over a girl and cant handle it. and she knows it (i know you know, everything). the girl cannot be in a relationship however, she has no feelings for him."your noticing nothing at all" he waits for her, and its really hard for him. "The weight of my decisions were impossible to hold"
  • Chrissy from Lakeland, FlThis song is definately about a guy being cheated on. He says"Well I'll wait till you listen I won't say a word" He waits for her to tell her side and admit to it before he says anything about it. Then he says "Well I know you know everything, I know you didn't mean it" He's saying that he knows that she knows he knows. (if that makes sense)and that he know she didn't mean to hurt him but it doesnt matter. By saying "Drop everything, start it all over." hes not saying that they can actually forget but that they can try to. and then when he says "Remember more than you'd like to forget." hes saying that even though they're trying to start over, he still can't forget what she did to him. and i think when he says "we're talking forever you almost feel better but that is no excuse for tonight" he is saying that even though she is making him feel a little better, its still no excuse for what she did. and the "IM playing that card and YOUR noticing nothing again" is that hes trying to let her know that he knows but she wont admit what she did. and "the most I could do was to just blame myself" is that he's blaming hijmself for not doing anything about it. so i think that that is what this song is about.
  • Kevin from Rochester, NhI think the song is about a girl cheating on her boyfriend, and by "I know you know everything" he is saying how she knows the truth behind it all, and by "I know you didn't mean it" he is either trying to convince himself she still loves him and that she didn't mean anything by cheating, or he is referring to the story she gives him but he knows she is lying.
  • Sarah from Washington D.c., United StatesI think this song is about a guy who cheats on his girlfriend, and she finds out with pictures. The couple than starts arguing and they know there relationship is over. "I know you Know everything, I know you didn't mean it." refers to the girlfriend having proof that this guy cheated and she wants to break-up with him.
  • Ariel from Shawnee, Okthis song is a really really good song but i really don think it has anything to do with breaking up it sounds to me that his girlfriend is too busy with her life and er boyfriend doesnt like that all he wants to do is explain to her how she feels but when he does she tells him she alredy know and to save it.
  • Caroline from Long Island, NyI actually think this is the other way, I think that it is about the guy cheating on the girl,"where talking forever YOU almost feel better but that is no excuse for tonight" "IM playing that card and YOUR noticing nothing again" "the most I could do was to just blame myself"
  • Lyzz from Kyle, Txi realy like this reminds me of my first true love...if you can call him that. It makes me think of a break up...but wen both parties know its not wut they want, and its not wut the other wants. Thats the way my relationship was..'i know you dint mean it', makes me think someone said something that wasnt REALLY ment. Reminds me of a moving on song.
    no matter what it means, taking bak sunday has something.....a friend of mine put it this way " no they have that 'ora' ...the one that no matter what they play..they can make it sound good'...
    i love TBS...rock on.
  • Danielle from Pennsville, NjI think this song is about a guy who got his heart broken from his girlfriend cheating on him. He knows everything but he wants to hear it all from her. She isn't saying everything "Remember more than you'd like to forget" And when he says i know you know everything i know you didnt mean it" He knows she is holding back from the whole truth and she keeps saying she didnt mean it and he "knows" because she is saying it over and over. And he doesnt want to give up but he know's he has to and when he says "drop everything and start it all over" i think he means he's loved this girl for so long now he has to drop it all and start a brand new love for another girl he has to start over from the begining. This is a great song. I miss the old TBS but all in all i still love them how they are now.
  • Cheers from Pittsburgh, PaUm, ok, you people have definitely interpreted this song wrong. This song is about a guy being cheated on. He starts off singing "Well I'll wait till you listen I won't say a word" He wants her to admit to it before he questions her.
    And then "Now I'm lyin on the table with everything you said" she's said all she wanted to, but it probably wasn't enough to get her story straight. Then he sings "Well I know you know, everything, I know you didn't mean it" He's aware that she knows the truth of everything that has happened, but she's not going to tell the whole truth. "Drop everything, start it all over." He doesn't really mean that if they can just drop everything and forget it, it'll all be perfect. 'Cause obviously that's never the case with cheaters. "Remember more than you'd like to forget." That basically means this chick is making up s**tt, contrary to the truth of the story that he already is aware of. It's sad because he's upset and angry at the same time that this girl has done this.

    At the end of this music video, I love it when Adam looks into the camera with the most honest, sad eyes ever. It really captures what the song is all about.
  • Chris from Jackson, MiMuch like most people I think the original TBS is the best. And I agree that this song is about realationships, however I wonder if the real "meaning" behind the song has something to do with John Nolin Leaving the band. Just a thought.
  • Amanda from Sandusky, Ohi disagree brodie. i think the relationship is dead and done. its like they know its never gonna work but they still stick with it because they feel like they have to.

    just my thought
  • Brodie from Melbourne - Victoria, AustraliaYeah I also think that this song is about trying to mend a relationship. When the say "Drop everything and start it all over" It sounds like they have had a lot of problems in the past and now they want to forget about it and move on.
  • Mark from East Greenbush, NyThis song is about a relationship that had just gone through a huge fight. The song is explaining the situation they are in and about how it is so hard to forgive/forget the past.
  • Kelly from St.clair, MiI think this song is about trying to mend a relationship. Like the line "So we're talking forever and you almost feel better." and "Drop everything and start it all over. Remember more than you'd like to forget." They're trying to forget all the things that have happened in the past.
  • Max from Gothenburg, SwedenI totally agree with Hayley. haha
  • Unknown from Phx, AzThis band is awesome! Even though they switched off their singer/guitarist they're good either way.
  • Hayley from Mckinney, TxI think this band has relationship probobalems lol its all they write about! :)
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