Timberwolves At New Jersey

Album: Tell All Your Friends (2002)
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  • This is about a guy who is great with girls and another guy who's hopeless with them. The first verse is all the advice the first guy is giving to the other about getting in with a certain girl. The rest of the song is him telling him to give up because it's hopeless, but he really wants to get the girl the hopeless guy was chasing. >>
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    Adam - Dublin, Ireland
  • The Timberwolves are an NBA team, and apparently they were scheduled to play the New Jersey Nets when on of the band members saw the listing while looking through a TV guide. In Taking Back Sunday tradition, the title has nothing to do with the song and doesn't appear in the lyrics.

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  • Fred from PrairiesThis song works really well as a prequel to "There's No I in Team".

    The lyric here: "This is me with the words on the tip of my tongue and my eye through the scope down the barrel of a gun. Remind me not to ever act this way again. This is you trying hard to make sure that you're seen with a girl on your arm and your heart on your sleeve"

    Last lyric of "There's No I in Team" is: "Best friends means I pull the trigger, best friends means you get what you deserve."

    The ending of this song could be how Nolan explaining his mental state before the cheating situation and "There's No I in Team" is the aftermath. I mean you can't really feel sympathetic before cheating. There is a number of regretful statements near the end: "Remind me not to ever act this way again.", "This is me with the worse intentions.", and "(I know something that you don't know)".

    David's Of Mice and Men interpretation seems spot on.

    I mean it could be about Antonio Longo, but the aiming and shooting lyrics lines up really well.
  • Adam from Santa Rosa, CaOkay so "There's No I In Team" was a response to "Seventy Times 7"
    The video for Timberwolves At New Jersey is pretty much the story of the two previous songs Nolan kisses Lacey's Girlfriend
  • Taylor from Rockaway, NjOk I do not believe this song is a response to a brand new song even though I know much about the brand new and taking back sunday history I am 110 positive that the song There's no I in team is a response to there song mix tape. but anyway I always thought this song was advice being given to someone thats not really great on comunicating with the opposite gender and i got this opinion by listening to the chorus when it says "literate and stylish, kissable and quite, thats what girls dreams are made of and thats all you need to know you have it or you dont know" although the next lyric i am about to show you is at the ending of the song and ive never really figured this one out even though, this lyric is my favorite lyric of all time i still dont quite understand and this is the lyric "This is me with the words on the tip of my tongue and my eye through the scope
    down the barrel of a gun. Remind me not to ever act this way again. This is you trying hard to make sure that you're seen with a girl on your arm and your heart on your sleeve" if he is giving advice why would he want it not to work?
  • Devin from Rochester, NhI heard from my brother, not saying that this is true, but this song is about Jesse Lacey saying to TBS that they're not going to go anywhere once he leaves, and this is kind of just a response from TBS. I think the line "You can't make them want you
    They're all just laughing" kind of proves what my brother said. Then in another line Adam says (which, like the line before, he's supposed to be quoting Jesse LAcey) "There's just a few things
    I think that you should know
    Those words at best
    Were worse than teenage poetry"
    But, once again, this could be wrong.
    But Adam from Portland's comment was very thought out. Same with Dave's.

    Who knows, maybe all of these thoughts came across Adam when he wrote this song.
  • Adam from Band, OrWow theres another adam in oregon who thinks like me! thats really...rare
    anyways my interpretation was pretty much the same as adam's except it did seem like there was a little sympathy in his feelings towards whoever the song was based on, but towards the end it got more of an "oh well, you suck and thats just how it goes" feeling to it
  • Ervo from Muncie, Indude this is NOT about the Jesse and Jhon beef.
    seriously get over that people not ever song was about that. but i kinda agree with Adam from Portland except i dont think its about Adam, maybe just a guy...but otherwise thats a good guess.
  • David from Lafayette, InGreat Song... I have spent alot of time studying the many, many, ingenious refrences that TBS and Brand New tend to make in there music pertaining to one another. this one is a great one. anyone who dosnt sennce some serious apprehension while listening to this seemingly joyful song, just isnt listening. "come on, come on, you know i cant help it, i'v got the mic and you've got the mosh pit." can you think of a bigger dis, from one singer to another? anyways... although i am overly intrigued by that whole thing i think my favorite illusion created in this song is one that is made to a novel "Of Mice and Men" if you have ever read the book. you will automaticlly understand after i explain a little. at the very end of the song the lyrics are "best friend means i pull the trigger, best friends means you get what you deserve." at the end of the novel. George is forced to either turn a gun on his best friend himself, or let the ranchers catch up to him, which would have been more crule of a fate. As far as taking back sunday goes. i think of this as one of there best.
  • Aaron from New Hampton, IaI'm pretty sure this song is about Jesse Lacey and the beef beyween TBS and him
  • Ervo from Raccoon City, InThis Song Is So Ingenious...I Want To Make Love To It.

  • Jazzmaun from Edmonton, Kyi always thought this song was about jesse lacey, the lead singer of brand new, but i'm not sure.
  • Dj from Concord, NcThis song may be about Adam rubbing the fact that Taking back sunday made it after the original lead singer Antonio Longo who recorded the orginal Demo cd but was kicked from the band,(this is agreeing with adam from portland)
  • Adam from Portland, OrMan can you guys be more wrong about the meaning of this song? The song is about How Adam the lead singer has everything that this other guy doe's not. Also that he made it, and the other guy didn't. Hints the I got the mic you got the mash pit line. Meaning he get's to perform, and all the other guy gets to do is watch. Also what he is saying about the other guy is that he only got into music for the simple fact of getting girls. Hints the lines Kissable, and quiet, and so on he is saying that this guy said that all you need is looks, and style is doesnt matter about talent. Also when he says your lines are wrost then teenage poetry Adam is saying that his songs do not even compare to his. Finally at the end of the song when he says he got what he wanted, and your gone. This means Adam made it, and the other guy didn't also the "this is me with the words on the tip of my tounge, and my eyes though the scope down the barrell of a gun, remind me not to act this way again. Means that he is just basicly blasting him,and isn't sorry about what happen, and he him self will never act this way.
  • Kim from Long Island, NyI absolutley love this song, and the video is pretty hysterical as well. The title is random, like all Tell All Your Friends and Where You Want To Be songs. It was named for the Minnesota basketball team the Timberwolves, who were playing at New Jersey that week...lol, pretty self explanitory. The band has said in interviews the song was written about the previous lead singer before Adam Lazzara, Antonio Longo, who was booted from the band.
  • Mattyb from The Burg, MdWhile most songs complain of a gf cheating, this song seems to be about the boy she was cheating on and how he's gloating about the whole deal. Almost like a "here are the reasons she went to me" type deal. He tells him what's wrong with the way he expresses his feelings to the girl ("those words, at best, are worse than teenage poetry) and then tells him its hopeless ("you can't make them want you. They're all just laughing). Then he drops the ultimate line "was his demise so carefully constructed? well, lets just say i got what i wanted" to show his absolute lack of remorse about what he's done, and how all he really cares about is himself. When i listen to this song i think of Jesse Lacey. Maybe this song was written to him. Anyway, that's what i think.
  • Caroline from Long Island, Nythis is about a guy trying to get the girl everyone wants, and realizing, what girls want, and that you either have it or not, and that can't be helped"literate and stylish, kissable and quiet, well thats what girls' dreams are made of and thats all you need to know, you have it or you don't"amazing song, until nextime.
  • Ema from Darwin, AustraliaBrand new and Taking back sunday have a huge history. look it up. cant explain it. But most of taking back sunday and brand new songs are related to each other! seventy times 7 is the biggest example. its really intersting, but confusing. This is my fav Taking Back Sunday song. the film clip is so cool too. so great.
  • Sasha from Belleville, MiUM, if you've heard the song sudden death in carolina by brand new... this song is kind of written in response to it.
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