My Man

Album: Bluebird of Happiness (2017)


  • Tamar Braxton sings on this torch ballad from the perspective of a woman torn apart after learning of her lovers infidelity. The song was inspired by her parents' pre- and post-divorce relationship. "It just rolled out of me," she told Billboard magazine. "I wanted to channel my mother and say the things she probably should have said then."
  • Tamar Braxton co-wrote the song with Cory Rooney who has co-penned many of Jennifer Lopez's hits including "If You Had My Love" and "I'm Real." The songstress said that co-writing and singing the song was a catharsis for her as she had the same experience with one of her former boyfriends cheating on her. Braxton recalled:

    "The situation was really painful. You walk around on your self-esteem because your self-esteem is at the bottom of your shoe. You're really trying to figure it out. What's wrong with me? Am I pretty enough? Do I need to be like somebody else? There's nothing wrong with you. It's just not the relationship you're supposed to be in."
  • This was released as the lead single from Bluebird of Happiness. Tamar Braxton had a rotten year in 2016, which included rumors of difficulties in her marriage and getting fired from her hosting duties on the daytime talk show The Real. She explained to ABC Radio how her search to find happiness amidst the turmoil gave her the album title.

    "For me, I went through a lot of not so positive things last year," Braxton said. "And as a result to that, it led me on a quest for happiness."

    "I've always associated happiness with the bluebird and I found myself feeling like a bird," she continued. "You know, my home all of a sudden didn't feel like home anymore. My baby didn't seem like my baby, although I knew he was mine."

    "Things just didn't look the same or feel the same," Braxton added. "I would travel and be on a quest to find something that felt familiar. One day I just woke up and figured out that the happiness that I was searching for was always inside of me."


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