Long Short Story

Album: Evermore (2020)
Charted: 68


  • "Long Short Story" is Taylor Swift's reflections on her personal redemption following the events of 2016 when her reputation took a battering. In July of that year the Pop Princess was humiliated after a video was posted showing a phone call between her and Kanye West. The clip appeared to show the songstress giving her tacit approval to Yeezy's references to her in his "Famous" cut; Swift had previously denied approving his lyrics, and denounced the track as having a "strong misogynistic message." Here, Swift references the public criticism she garnered following the incident.

    And I fell from the pedestal
    Right down the rabbit hole
    Long story short, it was a bad time

    Around the same time, Swift broke up with her boyfriend, the Scottish DJ and record producer Calvin Harris. She dove into a fling with English actor Tom Hiddleston, which acted as a release from the emotional stress she was enduring at the time.

    Pushed from the precipice
    Clung to the nearest lips
    Long story short, it was the wrong guy

    That relationship didn't last long, and the series of breakups further hindered Swift's public reputation. Then she fell in love with the English actor Joe Alwyn; this time, Swift found a safe place and genuine comfort where she could restore her emotional health.

    No more keepin' score
    Now I just keep you warm

    Swift concludes the song by looking back on the public flogging she took and shrugging:

    Long story short, it was a bad time
    Long story short, I survived
  • During the bridge, Swift namechecks the album title.

    And my waves meet your shore
    Ever and evermore

    This is the only time apart from the title track that the word "evermore" features on the album.
  • Swift wrote "Long Short Story" with Evermore's primary producer, The National's Aaron Dessner. The percussive rock song is probably the track (along with "Coney Island") that sounds closest to the material Dessner's band produces.


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