You Belong With Me

Album: Fearless (2008)
Charted: 30 2
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  • Taylor Swift told That's Country the story of this song, which she co-wrote this with her frequent collaborator Liz Rose. Said Swift: "I came into the writing session with Liz Rose and said, I've got this idea. I had overheard a friend of mine talking to his girlfriend and he was completely on the defensive saying, 'No, baby... I had to get off the phone really quickly... I tried to call you right back... Of course I love you. More than anything! Baby, I'm so sorry.' She was just yelling at him! I felt so bad for him at that moment. So I came up with the first line 'You're on the phone with your girlfriend, she's upset, going off about something that you said,' and I ran that into the story line that I'm in love with him and he should be with me instead of her. It just became this whole picture. It was really fun for us to write the line, 'She wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts.'"
  • Taylor explained to MTV News: "This song is basically about wanting someone who is with this girl who doesn't appreciate him at all. Basically like 'girl-next-door-itis.' You like this guy who you have for your whole life, and you know him better than she does but somehow the popular girl gets the guy every time."
  • The music video was shot at the Pope John Paul II High School in Hendersonville, Tennessee, where Taylor lives and her younger brother goes to school. It stars Lucas Till from Hannah Montana: The Movie. The singer-songwriter told MTV News: "I met him about a year back and just kind of reached out and was like, 'Hey, want to be in the video?' And he accepted and I'm just really happy to have him in the video."
  • Songs rarely find themselves in the top five of the Billboard Hot 100 and Country Songs simultaneously. However this one did so in the charts for the week ending July 31st 2009 and repeated the feat the following week. The previous song to achieve this was Faith Hill's "Breathe," which over nine years previously, on Feb. 26, 2000, ranked at #5 on both charts.
  • The song's promo won the 2009 MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video, beating Beyoncé's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)" amongst others. Swift's victory apparently did not meet with the approval of Kanye West, who during her acceptance speech, jumped up onto the stage. He then cut the teen singer off, grabbed her microphone and announced: "Yo Taylor, I'm really happy for you, I'll let you finish, but Beyoncé has one of the best videos of all time. One of the best videos of all time!" A stunned Taylor was timed out and consequently unable to complete her acceptance speech. Later when "Single Ladies" won the show's top honor - Video of the Year, Beyoncé showed her class by calling back Swift to the stage to finish her speech. "I would like Taylor to come out and have her moment," she said.
    Swift was asked afterwards by MTV News what her first reaction to seeing West join her onstage at Radio City Music Hall She replied: "I was really excited, because I had just won the award. And then I was really excited because Kanye West was onstage. And then I wasn't so excited anymore after that."

    At the 2015 ceremony, Swift presented West with the Video Vanguard award, where she explained that despite their 2009 kerfuffle, she is a big fan, and his album College Dropout was the first one she bought on iTunes. Swift had some fun with it, saying, "To all the other winners tonight, I'm really happy for you, and I'ma let you finish, but Kanye West has had one of the greatest careers of all time."
  • Billboard magazine reported on 24th September 2009 that with an audience of 117 million, this tune was the most heard song on US radio that week. The song was the first country crossover track to achieve that feat since tracking firm Nielsen Soundscan's started keeping records in 1990.
  • This reached #1 on Adult Contemporary chart, making Swift the first artist to place two chart-toppers on that chart, which previously reached the summit of the Country chart. Love Story also achieved the same feat.
  • Swift told Rolling Stone regarding the song's video: "When I'm playing the mean girl cheerleader and I'm flirting with some other guy on the football field, that other guy is just one of my brother's friends."
  • Swift performed a banjo-fied take of this song on the 2010 Grammy telecast. She was accompanied by singer-songwriter Butch Walker, who told Rolling Stone how he ended up on the gig. "I had done this version of 'You Belong With Me' that had banjo on it and was just fun," he said. "I posted it online one night and when I woke up the next morning, people were freaking out because Taylor twittered about it and she was freaking out. She loved it apparently, and she twittered me again and said, 'Can I call you?'"
    Swift did ring Walker and asked if he'd join her onstage at the Grammys. Walker said he replied, "'Yeah, twist my arm, as long as I can pay banjolin' - which is a combination of mandolin and banjo, but not quite either, but it's on the song that I did and it's pretty much the staple of the sound."
  • The music video was directed by Fifteen director, Roman White. He told MTV News: "I really wanted there to be a great love story there. It's about these two people who have lived these two lives across from each other and both of them loved each other but just never knew it. They were just barely missing each other, across the way."
    White revealed to MTV News that sparks between Swift and Lucas Till were evident to everyone on set. "How many kisses did we go through? I stopped counting at, like, 45," he joked. "They were going for it, no? When you're shooting this, you're always looking for that perfect kiss, but as the director, it's always weird for me to go, 'OK - we need you to kiss a few more times.' But they were very natural. ... Not that they didn't like each other, 'cause they did."
    The duo subsequently dated for a short time after doing the video. White commented on why the pair clicked. "They're both really, really kind. It sounds really cheesy, but they really are," he said. "I think you can see it when they kiss. You can see that warmth and that kind of first-kiss moment. So we literally got to see their first kiss, and it worked."
  • Award-winning recording artist Lady Gaga revealed in an interview with Show Studio that she loves singing this song. The pop icon added that she gets embarrassed because she sings along so loudly when she hears it on the radio. Gaga explained: "I think it's just because it's very whimsical in a way that I'm not necessarily whimsical every day."
  • Weird Al Yankovic recorded a parody of this song called "TMZ," which is about the celebrity gossip factory.
  • It was Taylor Swift's wish to pen an uptempo song in which the verses explode into the chorus. Liz Rose recalled to Billboard magazine: "We wrote it, like, the day before she cut it. And she, I believe, wanted to make sure she'd written everything she could write for the record before she finished cutting it. So I think she came in wanting to write an up-tempo [number], and came in with that story, wanting to write this really fun, fast, driving song. And you can hear it in the guitar, in the work tape."
  • So she could own the master recordings to all of her music catalogue, Taylor Swift re-recorded her first six albums. Fearless (Taylor's Version) became the first to see the light of day when Republic Records released it on April 9, 2021.

    Swift did not significantly change the lyrical content and instrumental arrangements of the 2008 recording but added crisper production. One of the few lyrical alterations she made was on this song. In the original version she sings:

    I'm in the room, it's a typical Tuesday night

    On "You Belong With Me (Taylor's Version)," she croons:

    I'm in my room, it's a typical Tuesday night

    Swifties speculated she made the change from "the" to "my" because the superstar now owns the song.
  • Looking back at "You Belong With Me" during an interview with Audacy's Katie Neal, Swift recalled how it changed her life. "It was one of those songs that I had written about unrequited love and crushes at school and I never would've imagined how many people I would see in a crowd one day screaming, 'she wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts,'" she said, "or that there would be think pieces about it, or that it would be like this thing that launched me and my career into this place that I never imagined it would go to."

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  • Liz from AustraliaI love You Belong With Me. It reminds me of this situation I’m in. I have a huge crush on someone but another girl gets all the attention with him, like the shipping and stuff. He’s one of my best friends and we have so much fun together. This song makes me believe in myself and tells me it’ll be fine in the end.
  • Juliette from Wa AuatraliaI once met her at a concert honestly best thing that ever happened to me. I would give anything to see her again love her and her songs so much!
  • Hanna from KansasI've met her before she is amazing and this song reminds me of my best friends who really like each other but there's another person in the way.
  • Brittany from Statesvile, BahamasLOVE this song!
    I'M in love with the lines "You Belong With Me"!
    I wish I could meet her.
  • Evie from London, United KingdomHey guys whats up who's met Taylor swift ? if u have say yes and say where cos I want to meet her !!!!!!! Xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Evie from Nashville, TnI love this song and all my dream is now is to meet Taylor swift xxxxx
  • Ronny from London, United Kingdomthis song reminds me exactly of my friend. she likes this boy who has a girlfriend and hes always telling her about his girlfriend and about the arguements they have and then about how much he loves her. he belongs with her to be honest! <3 x
  • Juan from La Mirada, CaThis song reminds me of the first half of the first season of Glee. It's almost like this song is about Rachel's feelings toward Finn. I love how long that couple lasted. lol
  • Randy from Houghton Lake, Miabout the MTV incident... I know he apologized but I still can't stand Kanye West. He has no class at all. Unlike Beyonce's incredible show of class in letting Taylor "have her moment"
  • Larry from Wayne, PaHow can no one have noticed that the story in this song is very similar to the movie "Some Kind of Wonderful?"
  • Jeff from Boston, MaI laugh every time I hear this song coming from Taylor Swift. T-shirts and sneakers huh? When was the last time anyone saw Taylor Swift without a full face of makeup, a designer dress and high heels?
  • Alyssa from Anytown, Ilawwwwww, she has soooo many boy friends!! and if you notice all her songs are about boys!! but i still love her songs!!! my little sister loves taylor swift
  • Printer Paper from New York, NyDoes anyone else notice that the brunette chick in the music video is just taylor swift with a wig on?
  • Mike from Denver, Coi thought country was bad, now we have POP-COUNTRY?! WHAT!? taylor swift is like an older hannah montana. just what this corrupted world needs **barf**
  • Lacey from Chicago, Ilif more guys listened to taylor swift..they'd understand girls better :) LOVE THIS SONG AND HERR!
  • Katy from Pleasant View, TnI've actually been to Pope John Paul II High School. It's a really near place. Oh and if there are any Lucas Teel fans you need to read this: Get over him, he's a total douchebag. My mom's boyfriend met him and said he was a total jerk.
  • Breanna from Henderson, NvThis is one of the few songs that I like of Taylor Swift's my friends always sing this randomly when their bored and the weird part is, some of them are guys.
  • Mike from Easton, PaI had a dream that was me and an ex-girlfriend of mine and Taylor was there. I picked Taylor over the ex-gal of mine just like in the video.

    And I also I love that lyric:
    "But she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts
    She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers."

    That's so funny.
  • Malone from Chicago, IlAnyone think this song has some similarities to Saving Jane's "Girl Next Door"?
  • Kennedy from Newport, Waits like the clean, country version of "girlfriend" by avril lavigne [=
  • Amber from Halifax, NsThis song song describs me and one of my best guy friends he knows me pretty well and I konw him pretty well and I think we are ment for eachother.
  • Rhianna from Sydney, Australiait is awesome it's like a real story
  • Anita from Citrus Heights, Cai love this song!! i always dance to this song when i hear it!! lol wow. ..great song. [:
  • Emily from Around Chicago, IlIn the booklet that comes w/the CD, there are hidden messages in the lyrics. You take all the capital letters and put them in order to spell a phrase. You Belong With Me's message is: LOVE IS BLIND SO YOU COULDN'T SEE ME.
  • Melissa from The Acerage, FlLOVE the song... me and my friends sing it al the time...
  • Mel from Everett, WaTalor always gets the most handsome boys to star in her videos!
  • Hope from Naperville, Ilhaha great song. i can relate. 'im the one who makes you laugh when you know you're bout to cry
  • Brittany from Wolfeboro, NhThis song rocks! It really relates to my life!
  • Lauren from Nashville, Tni love this song it's tells a real story
  • Emily from Langhorne, Pai agree with katie. thats a really good part of the song,but the whole song (as well as the whole album) rocks!!!!!!!
  • Katie from Cumming, GeorgiaLOVE this song.

    Obsessed with the lines, "You say you're fine, I know you better than that. Hey whatcha doing with a girl like that?"

    Not only do I love the lines, but her voice is awesome there. Really shines. (:
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