Everything Is Falling Apart

Album: Endless Arcade (2019)
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  • "Everything Is Falling Apart" came out as a single on February 20, 2019. It was Teenage Fanclub's first new release since the departure of founding member Gerard Love in late 2018. Guitarist Raymond McGinley laughed at the suggestion there may have been a degree of mischief in dropping a song with that title at that particular moment. He told Mojo magazine:

    "At the end of 2018, once we figured out our change of arrangements, we thought, things are different now, let's go into the studio and make a record, establish something that is a new real thing. Regardless of anything to do with Gerry, it was also wanting to cleanse our pallets.

    The song has 'everything is falling apart' as a chorus, but it's also saying. 'So what? That's life. Navigate positively through and have a good time because it's all gonna end in disaster one way or another, personally or collectively.' The verse is me, now, talking to my newly born self: 'Here's some advice to the person that's just entered the universe.'"
  • Teenage Fanclub included the song on their 11th studio album, Endless Arcade, which they released two years later. The album title comes from McGinley's song of the same name with the guitarist envisioning an endless arcade as "a city that you can wander through, with a sense of mystery, an imaginary one that goes on forever." He added that the title seemed to sum up the collection of songs, which according to American Songwriter, flit "between bittersweet and uplifting sentiments around connectedness, anxiety, and hopefulness."


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