Album: Love You to Death (2016)
  • The title of this anti-white wedding song stands for 'Be With You." Sara Quin told Rolling Stone: "It's another example of me attempting to write a song that's supposed to be a sweet pop song but ends up darker, like 'Boyfriend.' When I write pop songs, I tend to want them to be a bit more cerebral," she said. "They're not just love songs; they're songs that address my anxieties and my cynical attitude approach to relationships and life."

    Sara Quin added that it's the ritual of getting married rather than marriage itself that she is having a poke at: "'Be With You' is interesting because Tegan and I were such big advocates of the same-sex marriage movement in the United States and in Canada," she said. "But the twist is that I, personally, don't want to be married. I don't have any interest in that sort of social hierarchy, where if you're not married then your relationship is not as significant as people who are. I hate all of that."

    "Now that I've fought for the right, and we've had success with the Supreme Court, I feel like it's important for me to be honest, too," Quin continued. "There's strength in saying, 'I don't need a piece of paper or a ring or a wedding or photos to show how significant my commitment to a relationship is.'"
  • The video was directed by actress Clea DuVall (Argo, Veep). DuVall's visuals bring Sara Quin's nontraditional thoughts on marriage to life as we see the singer taking to one knee to strangers all over Los Angeles only to reveal an empty red velvet box. "I think [the message] is something that you don't often hear in pop," DuVall told Entertainment Weekly. "There's this expectation of love and relationships and what 'true love' is supposed to look like, and anything short of that is a failure or not 'true love.'"


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