Album: I Like It When You Sleep... (2016)


  • This shoegazey interlude features a string arrangement by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, who is a Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist and session musician that has recorded with notable musicians such as Rihanna, Hall & Oates, John Legend and Lana Del Rey.
  • The phrase, and concept of having "lost my head" is a recurring motif throughout I Like It When You Sleep For…, popping up in songs like "If I Believe You" and "The Ballad of Me and My Brain."
  • This largely came from the first 1975 tune that Matt Healy wrote. "That song stemmed from a side project, Drive Like I Do, that I made in my bedroom," he told News.com.au. "That was one of the original demos so a lot of that stuff in that song was recorded in my bedroom in 2011. That, Medicine, which I then rewrote it for the BBC thing, and The Sound, which I wrote in 2011 as well — I wrote that melody five years ago and it never left me."
  • The lyrics document a time when Healy has an "identity crisis/breakdown." He recalled to Q magazine: "I was thinking I was alright, as you do. But I just went a bit left. I was buying into my own self-constructed mythology, into this Pied Piper, Edward Scissorhands thing, I was fantasising about being Burroughs or Kerouac.

    Like, 'Am I poet? Can I do lots of drugs? Every night? Oh, those drugs look a bit better. Oh, I've heard about these drugs These are the drugs that all my heroes did.' I just became a cliché. And because of the stimulation that I desired I just went on a bit of a clichéd spiral and I started making weird creative calls."


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