Wild Honey

Album: Wild Honey (1967)
Charted: 29 31


  • Wild Honey is probably a reference to a kiss, although it could have a more explicit meaning. The phrase has been used by many bands including U2 ("Wild Honey"), The Beatles ("Wild Honey Pie"), and The Steve Miller Band ("Wild Mountain Honey").
  • This was released as a single with "Wind Chimes" from the album Smiley Smile. >>
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  • Mike Love of The Beach Boys recalled to Billboard magazine in a 2012 interview that he went into the kitchen to make some tea whilst "Darlin'" was being recorded at Brian Wilson's house in Bel-Air. "Brian had a health food store back then called the Radiant Radish," he remembered, "and I look up and see 'wild honey,' and the track is pumping and I thought, "I'll make up a song called 'Wild Honey.'" So Love penned a song "about a girl and this guy-I was even thinking about Stevie Wonder at the time." He wondered, "What would Stevie Wonder say to his mother about a girl that maybe she didn't want him to get involved with, but he says, 'Screw it' - he really digs this chick. That was the premise of the song."

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  • Steve Dotstar from Los Angeles, CaI've never heard this song with the vocal..just love the backing track from Stack O'Tracks album. very cool sounding!
  • Mario from Esky, MiThere is a theremin line played in sync with an organ throughout the song.
    The backing track can be heard on the official Beach Boys' Stack-o-Tracks album.
    This song was inspired by one of Brian Wilson's favorite foods! The song has never been mixed into stereo and it would be hard to, since most of the master tapes for this song are lost.
  • Andrew from Birmingham, United StatesOops, I meant "Long live the Beach Boys!" Again, no offense to Carl and Dennis.
  • Andrew from Birmingham, United StatesThis is one of my favorites of the Beach Boys; of the many groups, the Beach Boys are some of my favorites themselves. This is one heck of a song. Great beat; great lyrics; great everything! Love live the Beach Boys! Oh, no offense, Carl and Dennis Wilson.
  • Niall from Dublin, IrelandCarl was really finding his voice with this song
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