Devil In Her Heart

Album: With The Beatles (1963)


  • This was originally released by The Donays in 1962 as "Devil In Your Heart." The Donays were a female group from Detroit.
  • The Donays' version became popular in England in 1963 when The Beatles put it on their second album. The British single by The Donays quickly became a collectors item.
  • This was written by Richard P. Drapkin, who recorded under the name Ricky Dee and was on the Oriole label in Britain. >>
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    Reed - New Ulm, MN
  • This song was a standard part of The Beatles repertoire on their 1962 and 1963 tours.

Comments: 18

  • Bodhi Giebel from Florida UsaThe song was actually called "Devil in his heart"
  • Jennifur Sun from RamonaLove the opening guitar, don't know what kind they were playing.
  • Jema from South Portland, MeThe number one reason I love this cover is because George sings it,I always love when he's the main singer!The reason for that is because I love his voice.
  • Ben from Rohnert Park, Cai love george, bless his soul
  • Frank from Granchester Meadows, GreenlandOriginally written by Richard Drapkin.
  • Daevid from Glendale, CaKristen from Aurora,IL---i couldn't agree more.
    this one really showcases George as the true guitarist that he was.
  • Sammy from Ct, United StatesRight? Virtual hi-5, John, Wobon,MA!
  • John from Woburn, MaWow, like 8 things wrong in Dennis from Anchorage's post, lol.
  • Doug from Tempe, AzGeorge recorded his own song "Don't Bother Me" for the With the Beatles album.
  • Dennis from Anchorage, AkEvery Beatles album has a song featuring George and one featuring Ringo. The first few albums they were covers, as the Beatles recorded a lot of covers on their early albums because they played so many in their live performances. George didn't record a song of his own until "Think for Yourself." So he would sing a cover. Eventually, after they stopped touring (because no one could hear them play anyway, over all the screaming) George negotiated a deal where he would write one song for each lp side. He felt stifled still, and wrote more songs that the Beatles never recorded. Those songs accumulated and became "All Things Must Pass."
  • Sylvia from London, EnglandAw! I love Georgie.
  • Luna from London, EnglandThis song is also on the American LP "The Beatles Second Album". "With The Beatles" is actually a British LP whereas the American Version is called "Meet The Beatles", which has different songs and in my opinion is much better
  • George from Itaberaba, BrazilGreat performance by The Beatles!
  • Lee from Clearwater, FlA little bit of a departure for the Beatles. I liked it.
  • Mauricio from Hanford, Cabeautiful song, awsome vocals...
  • Kristen from Aurora, IlI think George is great on this!
  • Alan from New Baltimore, Mi"Yvonne Allen" was the lead singer of the Donays who first recorded this. She was later in the "Elgins", a Motown band.
  • Matt from Cleveland, OhForgot bout this one. I like the part, i think it is the beginning of the 3rd verse, where George sings "no no no-oh".
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