Shake It Up

Album: Shake It Up (1981)
Charted: 4
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  • "Shake It Up," written by frontman Ric Ocasek for their album of the same title, is The Cars' second-highest charting Billboard hit, at #4 compared to #3 for their 1984 hit "Drive."

    This is a tailor-made party song. With the simple "dance all night" refrain, it indeed became a favorite dance party tune. At the same time, it has the synthesizers and drum machines that give it what was a futuristic sound in 1981, looking forward to their future albums.
  • The Cars are one of the groups who can be credited with opening the New Wave sound up to the mainstream. As noted in Seventies Rock: The Decade of Creative Chaos, "The fact that new music was getting airplay at all - New Wave or not - was somewhat remarkable." When The Cars came on the scene in 1978, the Bee Gees and all the disco craze they brought with them dominated the charts. While mainstream radio was reluctant to put a punk record on the air, it found New Wave less intimidating.

    Meanwhile, Ken Tucker muses about the New Wave movement in The Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock and Roll: "Kids all over the country decided to play Record Promotion: if the big boys wouldn't sign up their local bands, the fans would, with a vengeance. Mimeographed manifestos and homemade rock magazines multiplied as ways to push burgeoning local scenes; they plugged cherished unknowns and finessed an ad hoc network for distributing their records." Notice any similarities with 1978 music culture and the Internet-fostered music scene now?
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  • Robert from Chicago , IlYou have got to love the video for this song
  • Jon from St. Paul, MnAt the top it should say Cars not Carls.
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