Strange Days

Album: Strange Days (1967)


  • The lyrics are about how normal places can still be strange and uneasy. Jim Morrison's vocals were heavily processed to enhance the feel.
  • This song was one of the earliest uses of the Moog synthesizer.
  • In the book The Doors: Unhinged, John Densmore gives some insight into the meaning of "Strange Days." Around the time that Morrison wrote the song, the other three Doors band members decided to sell "Light My Fire" to Buick so that the song could be used in a commercial. Morrison went absolutely "ballistic," calling his lawyers to tell them to tell Buick that he would smash a Buick to pieces on stage if they didn't drop the contract.

    Even after resolving the issue and getting Buick to retract the commitment, Morrison felt that something had changed for the worse and that the Doors were now on a slippery slope to selling out. He began seriously proposing that they all move to an island and start all over again. These thoughts were on Morrison's mind when he wrote "Strange Days." As Densmore reports, he was "saying that our old way of making music was being destroyed and we should find a new town. He was trying to get back, to renew that elusive quality that was with us in the rock 'n roll garage many years before."

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  • Shelley Ganz from Hollywood, Ca"Strange Days", has been my Fave Doors tune for quite some time, and that's saying a lot, as there are many great tunes! This tune really touches the listener deeply, deeper than most..."The Hostess is grinning, The guest's sleep from sinning"!! (ponder that from "Strange Days"...) It's off the album by the same title...The Koolest...
  • William Lench from Dominican Republic I don't know why, but i feel this song describes perfectly the situation we are living today in the whole world.
  • Carol from Scotland I think Jim was a huge visionary and yes this song could be used for the state of our world today.
  • Karlos from New Zealand I think Jim predicted the Coronavirus. "Strange days have found us"
    "Strange days have tracked us down"
    "They're going to destroy"
    Definitely strange days now.
  • Aldo from Metone, CaI believe it is about how he felt some days when he went back to feel strange again. He knows his day will be strange when he starts talking of sin.
  • Anthony from Oxnard, Caat the beggining of the song while ray is playing the descending organ riff, after each one you can hear ray push in or pull out the drawbars to his organ to make the diffrent sound
  • Lance from Malibu, CaYet another classic song to listen to while stoned
  • Andrew from Adelaide, AustraliaThis is a weird as hell song. Manzerek's organ work and Morrison's vocals or scaryingly effective. I think the song is about drugs although i'm not sure.
  • Jimi from Reno, NvI agree with Joe. The 60's was an era that would not be duplicated.
  • Joe from Belfast, EuropeI believe that this song was about the end of an era and the begining of another. The 60's reached and end and the seventies weren't the same.
  • Michelle from San Diego , Cathis song is so amazing i really love it cuz the moog is soo frickin sweet. this song is so deep and i believe its about how he felt uneasy and strange in natural surroundings and places. im not sure why but maybe cuz of war time (60's duh hahah) now im not saying im right but thats my take on it.
  • Tom from Avesta, SwedenThe Guy who brought the moog to the studio was Paul Beaver.
  • Peter from Providence, RiOne of the underrated doors songs...very much on the dark side..and i Belive the title was inspired by an old sci-fi flick
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