Album: Dizzy Up The Girl (1998)
Charted: 43 8


  • Lead singer and guitarist Johnny Rzeznik wrote this song, which is about a girl who has an abortion. Her boyfriend is being very supportive, declaring his love for her and asking her to just "let it slide" and move on with their lives. >>
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    Jen - Mt. Laurel, NJ
  • Rzeznik said of this before performing it on VH1 Storytellers: "The song is actually about these two teenage kids, and the girlfriend gets pregnant, and they're trying to decide whether she should get an abortion, or they should get married or what should go on..." >>
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    Johnny - Boston, MA
  • This continued a string of hits for the Goo Goo Dolls that were not typical of their hard-rocking sound. This, "Name," "Iris," and "Black Balloon" were all ballads.
  • The Goo Goo Dolls performed this on Sesame Street in a duet with Elmo as "Pride." The lyrics were changed to be about things that give kids pride, like helping mom bake an apple pie.
  • The band performed this in late 1998 at the American Music Awards. They were introduced by an unknown brunette named Britney Spears. >>
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    Britney - Calabasas, CA
  • Nancy Bardawil shot the music video in downtown Los Angeles in and around the El Dorado Hotel. According to VH1's Pop Up Video, the director used a hand-cranked 100-year-old camera to get some of the stuttery shots and put water over the lens for the blurred effect in the diner scenes.

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  • Soloman from SumeriaI just woke up it's dark, 6:05am and I could not quite sleep. I haven't heard this song in many years. For some odd reason it was playing in my mind. I had to look up the lyrics because I thought it was a sweetheart song. As a teen I never gave it a thought - abortion sounded like a great backup plan. Now, I don't believe in it. I'm also a vegetarian. God bless everyone it was nice reading everyone's comments as I'm not a big fan of the song. Lots of 90s songs seem to be about misery and drug addiction.
  • Terry from Grafon, WiThis song will always make me look back on my teenage years. It was spring/summer of 1999 and I was working in a restaurant as a waitress. I was 15 years old, on the verge of turning 16. One of the guys who used to bus tables there was someone I had a major crush on. This song would consistently play over our radio in the back...we eventually ended up dating, but I will never forget one time I was helping him wash dishes. Silently, we were standing next to each other, but I was singing this song under my breath as it was on the radio. He looked at me and told me I had a beautiful voice. My heart literally skipped a beat. He went with me to my first prom and I went with him to his. We literally spent every summer moment together. He was newly 17 and I was barely 16, and we always heard this song. He had his license and a car and we thought we ruled the world together. He really was my first love. I can still picture that kitchen, the sounds of the coffee cups clanging together, the smell of the burgers on the grill, the soup in the crock pots, and I can still picture him and his wonderful smile. Even though I am happily married now to another man, the song "Slide" will always take me back to those teenage years when I just wanted to get married and run away with Eric, my first love. Thank you Goo Goo Dolls.
  • Anushua from Elmhurst, NyThis song gives me the goosebumps and always ends up making me cry. I got pregnant when I was 17, with my 18 year old boyfriend.. and coming from a Muslim family I had a lot to deal with when I chose to get an abortion. It's like this song was written for me.
  • Donavan from Fayetteville, ArI love this song. It reminds me of a person I love yet she doesn't know how deeply I feel. I don't care aabout the meaning of the song, but about how I will love her no matter what.
  • Shibby from Sydney, AustraliaThomas sorry but the song refers to a teenage girl in a Catholic environment who has become pregnant. Im catholic so i know your right, the Religion is against abortion but i think that was the point "Don't you love the life you killed, The priest is on the phone, Your father hit the wall, Your ma disowned you" She had the abortion and everyone around her is dissapointed in her accept for of course Rzeznik which is what i think he is trying to tell her =]
  • Thomas from Denver, MnJen,
    There is no Catholic connection at all with this song. True Catholics (I being one) totally dismiss abortion as any option to an unwanted pregnancy. Any true Catholc will tell you that abortion is not even an option. I agree that this song is about abortion, but please do not associate this with an option that Catholics would consider. Thank you.
  • Sam from Adelaide, Australiathis song is gnarly, such a great meaning behind it and guitar rythm. Its me and my girlfriends songgg. Beautiful song peace x
  • D from Out Of This World!, NcI LOVE THE SONG, ALWAYS HAVE, ALWAYS WILL even if the topic is controversial. It's not a simple love song or one about new brand sneakers. And the meaning is what you make it! IM a HUGGGGE GGD fan!
  • Gregory from Brantford, OnThis song is also about him too. At the age of 19 he had a sexual relation with another person. The girl did not have an abortion and created a baby boy. The guy came 20 years later when they were recording gutter flower to visit John.
  • Matt from New Castle, NhWhen this song came out, I read about the Dolls some silly teen magazine, and Rzeznik said in an interview that he couldn't reveal what Slide was about. That it was a secret, but if you listened close to the lyrics you could figure it out. Since then the song has caught my attention. I realize now why he couldn't say it at the time. Hmm.
  • Samantha from Fairfield, OhThis song is on the radio all the time I absolutely love it to death! Still not as good as Iris, but pretty great.
  • Eric from Charlotte, NcI love this song! I just heard it again last night at Karoake and it had a whole new meaning for me personally. I think the orginal song explaination is great, but the great thing about music is it can mean many things to different people and effect them differently. As a young gay guy this song takes on a message of hope and acceptance. I imagine my BF singing it to me and telling me that no matter what anyone else thinks of our lifestyle it's okay because he'll be there loving every minute.
  • Brandon from Sterling, VaIt is pretty deep an abortion in my mind is murder
  • Brandon from Sterling, VaHe also says that he changes the names to proctect the innocent which means that there is a may just thats not the girls name
  • Brandon from Sterling, VaSlide is about his friend robbie takac and his girlfriend (now his wife) thats why this song means so much to him and robbie is kind of in the corner when they start this song
  • Gabrielle from Cleve, Ohthis sucks... i thought there was a deeper meaning than an abortion? that changes the whole song
  • Rick from Humboldt, IaYeah I think it went number one also; it's amazing how this site always gets those messed up. Who cares if John Rzeznik acts arrogant, not only does he have an awesome voice, he is also a more intelligent and just plain more awesome of a songwriter than today's awful artists. He's also really good with the guitar. Rock on Goos, you're a lot better than almost all of today's rock bands!!!!!
  • Leon from Waterbury, CtI'm pretty sure this went to number one in the US...
  • Chad from Fort Smith, MeI think this is a great song. I felt that by the lyrics "do you wake up on your own" "i wanna wake up where you are" " guess I'll never know what it means to be a man, something i can't change" sound like the girl made the decision to have the abortion without the boyfriends opinion and then ran away and he is speaking to here where ever she is and asking her to keep him in his life anyway, that even though it's something he could not change he still wants to be with her. A sad story about a common life occurance.

    chad- fort smith, ar
  • Monty from Omaha, NeAnnabeth, I am glad you stopped holding in your emotions... also, I am glad your boyfriend was reminded of you when he heard this song... the song about a naive boyfriend who's gal gets pregers and has an abortion... what a sweetheart.
  • Annabeth from Kutztown, PaMy BF gave me this song because he said it reminded him of me. I almost started crying, it was so perfect. Anyone who hates this song is a bastard.
  • Jen from Boulder, CoThere's a huge Catholic connection in this song, having to do with choosing between an abortion to stay home or leaving and having a life together. I do believe that Rzeznik has also commented on the fact that the narrator is quite naïve in this whole ordeal.
  • Robert from Chicago, IlWhat a great song! Howie Day does a live cover of this song that is great.
  • Gabe from Utica, NyI love this song. This song introduced me to The Goo Goo Dolls. The lyrics r great and the guitar is brilliant.
  • Chris from Victoria, TxThis song is awesome when played live.
  • Jami from Waynesboro, GaOn VH1's "Storytellers" John Rzeznik explained that this song is about a guy and a girl, the girl raised by strict Catholic parents, got pregnant, and the guy and girl are trying to decide whether to have an abortion, get married, etc. He also stated that "May" ("ah May, do you wanna get married or run away?") has no signifigance, there is no May,it's just a name.
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