Oh No Not You Again!

Album: The House That Dirt Built (2009)


  • Unlike Paul McCartney, who waited about 30 to explain that "Got To Get You Into My Life" was about marijuana, The Heavy lead singer Kelvin Swaby came clean on this one in our 2010 interview. Said Swaby: "When me and Dan (Taylor, Heavy guitarist) met, we started bonding, started hanging out more and more with each other, and started making music together. We both used to smoke a lot of weed. But then as soon as I had my son, I couldn't go smoking weed anymore, because you can't have a child and smoke weed and try and multi-task and do all of that business. I tried to do it, I flooded the bathroom three times, and it was just a nightmare. So I remember a friend of mine asked me if I could look after his flat whist he was going away. And I said, 'Yeah, cool. Cool. I can do that.' And he goes, 'Yeah, I left you a present, if you want, in the drawer.' And he didn't say what it was. I was just like, 'Okay.' So I go to the apartment, and I'm having a nice time. And I can smell the smell. I just thought, That smells like skunk (a potent kind of marijuana). He doesn't smoke skunk. It smells like skunk. And so I open this drawer, and there's skunk. And it smelt so good, and I was just like, Oh, do I want some? Do I want some? And I just had this battle. That's how I came up with the bass line to that, and put it into my computer that day. I was just playing around with it, and it was one of those things that kind of came to me. It's like no matter where I went around the flat, I could smell it. And then you have to keep on going back to the drawer and just having a little look. So it's like, 'She won't leave me alone, and she's always in my home, playing with my head and messing with my pheromones. Because I know she wants some evil man to dance with her evil plan, so I'm praying that she hears when I say, Oh no, not you again.' So it's like you're just battling with your demons."
    Kelvin won this battle with his demons, explaining, "I didn't give in. But I heard her in my head saying, 'baby, baby, wanna play? Baby what you say?' (laughing) No, no, no. I'm not playing with you, not tonight. I've got work to do." (Check out our full interview with Kelvin Swaby.)


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