Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)

Album: Americana (1998)
Charted: 1 53


  • Fly is a slang term for "cool," and this song calls out youngsters who becomes wannabe gangstas as its trendy. Guitarist Noodle explained to Kerrang!: "It's about a kid that tries to mingle with the cool gangsters and it just doesn't work out. He makes a complete fool of himself. It's about guys who want to be so cool."

    Offspring frontman Dexter Holland elaborated in an interview with the Colorado Springs Independent. "I always took 'fly' to be this kind of word that white people co-opted from the black world, going all the way back to Superfly and other blaxploitation movies," he explained. "Once it has been taken up by white culture, it was kind of the opposite of fly, right? I knew that some people would pick up on the obviousness of the fact that the song was taking the piss out of a certain kind of person. And I figured that the guys who thought it was about them would think it was cool and like it. Even if they didn't get that the joke was on them."
  • This begins with a sample of the fake German nonsense phrase "Gunter glieben glauten globen" from Def Leppard's "Rock Of Ages." It was inserted as a replacement for the traditional "1, 2, 3, 4" that often starts recordings.
  • The "Uno dos tres cuatro cinqo cinqo seis" line was sung by Higgins XX-13, the cousin of a member of the band's internet mailing list.
  • Weird Al Yankovic did a parody of this entitled "Pretty Fly (For A Rabbi)" for his album Running with Scissors. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Danny - Franklin, GA
  • A New Zealand group called Hemi & Sharon did a parody of this song entitled "Pretty Fly For a Maori Guy." That same group also did a parody of OMC's "How Bizarre" called "Stole My Car." >>
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    Louisa - Rarotonga, Cook Islands
  • The song topped the charts in several countries, including Australia, where it went four times platinum, Japan and the United Kingdom.
  • Sugar Ray's "Fly" director McG, who went on to direct action flicks like Charlie's Angels and Terminator Salvation, helmed the music video about a suburban white kid who tries to earn a cool rep around the neighborhood. Offspring frontman Dexter Holland hoped to get Seth Green for the role, but the part went to unknown actor Guy Cohen, who also appeared in the band's "Why Don't You Get a Job?" clip.
  • This was used on King of the Hill in the 1999 episode "Escape From Party Island."

Comments: 22

  • Siahara Shyne Carter from United StatesWho ever his name is, Pretty Fly
    He sound like the the man shouting in the back of our house lol I liked this I have this in my playlist.

    He just shouting in the song I don't know what type of music it is Rap or Whatever, some white guys are wanna be's lol I won't lie Some are Wanna be xD
    but They are the best people I know

    "Give it to me baby" I don't know what does it mean but There are many girls shouting behind
  • Raunchy from Tulsa, OkYeah!! Still one of the greatest & most creative punk rock bands out there. It's not important to me that they're called "old" by some idiots. Musical creativity & talent will always trump age. Move on. Just enjoy The Offspring. Some people love this song; others think it's mediocre. We all have our individual preferences. Don't bust your gut over it. Move on. Enjoy it all & live life well------before ya bite-the-dust & call it quits.
  • Trenton from Oklahoma City, OkThis is featured on Guitar Hero Van Halen.
  • Evelien from Wouw, NetherlandsThe principals line is "gunter glieben glauchen globen," which actually means... nothing. They got it from Def Leppards 'Rock of Ages'.
  • Jl from French Guyana, -Do you guys know who made the thumb-video parody "Pretty Fly (For A Jedi)"? - I don't think it's Weird Al and it even sounds like the Offspring themselves - - - Thanx
  • Amanda from Evergreen, Coi totally grew up with the offspring! i think they are one of the greatest bands EVER!!!!
  • Kenny from Chimbote, PeruI don't understand why isn't the line that the principal talkes to white guy(in the video) in the lyrics I'd like to know what he say...
  • Soso from Somewhere, United StatesThis song was used for Tony Dinozzo of NCIS, because he is just like it.
  • Mjn Seifer from Not Listed For Personal Reason, EnglandPrehaps a "Q" sounds like a "C" in spain?
  • Darrell from Eugene, United StatesIt's actually "Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, CINCO, CINCO, seis (note the "c" between the "n" and the "o")
  • Joel from Columbia, ScNot a bad song. It's wierd but it reminds me of that song Bust a Move.
  • Erik from Willow Hill, Pai love the offspring and i think they are one of the best punk bands ever, but this song is nowhere close to their best song. can't get my head around you or gone away would be my picks.
  • Sam J. from Detriot , Mithis song is awesome, and im even a hardcor smash fan! this song takes a while to get old cuz its so reeking catchy! fun singalong or to blast in the car :P
  • Sid from Birminghammediocre song lyrics, but the music video makes it an excellent song. These guys are as old as my pappa, too!
  • Rebka from Crapville, WyI like most offspring, but this song is preety annoying. Kinda off the subject, but weird al is hilarious.
  • Jeevan from Brampton, CanadaThis song is funny. I like The Offspring. They're cool. Even though they're old.
  • Magda from Addison, IlMy friend and I LOVE this song, the lyrics (and the music video) tell the life story of a guy we hate (he hates us back). The guy we hate is SUCH a wanna-be, it's hilarious.
  • Jorge from Mexicali, MexicoThe video was such a hit that the band took the actor with them on tour, to come out and dance onstage when they played the song.
  • Matt from Birmingham, EnglandI don't think this song is very exciting if you just want some music, but put the music video with it as well and it can be a good laugh to listen to.
  • Brittany from Waverly, Nythis song is about wiggers and there are alot of them in my town so i find this funny
  • Nn from Nbn, Greenlandwierd al yankovic did a parody of this, Pretty fly(for a rabbi)
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandThis was the surprise hit of the year in the UK. I was 11 when I saw The Offspring perform this on Top of the Pops (a popular British music show) and I was blown away. I thought 'this is some weird s--t!'
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