Album: The Script (2008)
Charted: 21 12
  • Frontman Danny O'Donoghue admitted to The Daily Star July 30, 2008: "Our songs are from therapy sessions. One track called 'Break Even' is about how someone is always left with the lesser piece in life. The worst day for him would be his girlfriend's best day."
  • This song reached #1 on Billboard's Adult Pop in it's 36th week on the chart. The track's ascent to the top position overtook the previous slowest climb by one week. Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars" reached the summit in its 35th frame in February 2007.

Comments: 8

  • Neel from MumbaiNotice the category: This song should be added to the category.
  • Camille from Toronto, Oh A pretty amazing song. The words are son incredibly poetic. Visual. Still alive but I'm barely breathin'. I got time while she got freedom. When a heart breaks, no it don't break even. Sung so passionately. Perfection.
  • Leah from Silang, Philippinesrox this song is for you. love it.
  • Holly from New York, NyDude this song is so bro.
  • Amy from Houston, Txits funny because, this happens to people in real life
  • Matt from Ambridge, PaIt seems like everyone goes through what this song describes at least once in their lives. Awesome song !
  • Emily from Around Chicago, IlThis song describes almost exactly what my friend is going through, which allows me to have a personal connection to it. I love the song though mostly because it just sounds great. I love the script!
  • Celemar from Johannesburg, South AfricaIt's crazy how accurately this song describes what i've been feeling the last while, i Love this song
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