No Man Is An Island

Album: Freedom Child (2017)


  • The opening track of Freedom Child, this finds The Script delving into piano-driven EDM. Guitarist Mark Sheehan explained the move was intended to fit into 2017's music climate.

    "They're favouring EDM and electronic on radio, so how as a band, do we fit in?" he told "It really a case of adapt and change or die. Look at people like Royal Blood – they're a great example of the change. They've made their heavy sound more edible on their new album. Even The Killers and Imagine Dragons."
  • The phrase "No man is an island", was originated by the English divine John Donne. He wrote in Meditation XVII:

    No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.

    Donne is asserting that people need each other – we cannot exist independently from others or interactions.

    Simon & Garfunkel's "I Am A Rock," with its lyric "I am an island," was likely derived from the piece as well.
  • Vocalist Danny O'Donoghue explained in a track-by-track interview with The Independent how they made this song The Script's take on modern EDM music.

    "We had been looking at everything that had been playing in the charts and we were thinking how do we get a band involved in this? How do we get those punk guitars and a beat to go with it, and then also have a heartfelt song about a guy that who thinks he's too cool to fall in love or he wants to spend all time living on this island. What you find from the eternal wisdom of women is that is no man is an island and love will always get in you in end. There is a lot of energy in this track!"


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