Beats To Your Rhythm

Album: My Universe (2016)


  • The lead single from My Universe, the uptempo footstomper was written in singer Ben Earle's friend's shed. "I wrote that with a good friend of mine called Dan McDougal," Earle told the BBC. "We were just sat in his shed, and he starts playing these rhythms - a lot of crazy rhythms, and it just felt really natural as a lyric, 'my heart beats to a rhythm. I live for you, I live for the rhythm you go by.' It's very heartfelt."
  • The song was recorded in Nashville. (The Shires are the first ever British act to be signed to an American record label). "The session players there love doing our stuff because it's different to what they do normally," Earle said. "It isn't just a straight down the line country song. It is country but it's a bit different."

    Once the basic track was laid down, Earle and co-vocalist Crissie Rhodes re-located to Sweden to record their vocals.


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