I Wanna Be Adored

Album: The Stone Roses (1989)
Charted: 20


  • Stone Roses' lead singer Ian Brown has claimed that the song is about sin, how individuals want to be idolized, and how we would do anything to attain that goal. >>
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    Rachel - London, England
  • This song is featured in the movie Welcome To Sarajevo.
  • The Stone Roses were one of the first so called "Madchester Shoe Gazing" bands and were expected to be one of the biggest bands of the '90s. Internal strife, drug use, and ego problems wrecked those chances, and they split in 1996. >>
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    John - Levittown, NY, for above 2
  • In a 2009 interview with Clash Magazine, Brown explained that he "didn't actually want people to adore me. I was trying to say then, if you want to be adored, it's like a sin, like lust or gluttony or something like that."

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  • Bryan from Hull, United KingdomThe band never 'regrouped'. John and Reni left subsequent to the release of their second album and that 'classic' line-up (Ian, John, Mani, Reni) was the last to produce new material.
  • Davoid from Melbourne, AustraliaThe Stone Roses were not a shoe gazing band.
  • Veronica from Austin, TxBeautiful song. When the electricity when out in my house for 6 days in the Texas-July heat, I grabbed my little walkman and the first song I heard was "I Wanna Be Adored". Man, I felt like the air-conditioning was on...it was so powerful. It's the only song I'll play through and through on my guitar.
  • Don from San Antonio, TxI love them but I have an ambivilant love/hate attitude toward 90's shoegazers, like, I guess, the Charlatans UK and bands like that. Because the major influx of all those bands at once really watered down the emotional sentiment we all got from The Smiths. Suddenly everyone else was doing it and you stopped feeling like the music was special; and just as you were rescued at sea, this scene came up from behind you and made you feel like a drop in the ocean again. Thanks for that :(
  • John from Levittown, NyThis song is featured in the film, Welcome To Sarajevo, in the scene where the aide is shot by a sniper. The haunting quality of the scene is enhanced by the haunting nature of the song.
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