Three Bulleits

Album: White Bear (2016)
  • Like the Lynyrd Skynyrd song "Gimme Back My Bullets," this one isn't about what comes out of a gun. Three Bulleits (invented by Augustus Bulleit) is a kind of bourbon the band enjoys - so much so that their rider imposed that a bottle be provided backstage.

    The title came when someone asked who in the band wanted a drink, and three hands were raised. "Three Bulleits" was the order, and that gave them the idea for the song.
  • If you're having trouble ascertaining the meaning of this song, that's because it's intentionally obtuse. The idea behind much of the White Bear album is that there are no real answers out there, so it's best not to look for them. "It's a fairly purposely un-cohesive look at society," Temperance Movement guitarist Paul Sayer said in his Songfacts interview. "It's more having fun with words and a lot of ideas without any real answers. A bit more of a comment on society."


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