Trick Of The Light

Album: Who Are You? (1978)
  • Who bass player John Entwistle wrote this song about a man who believes a hooker loves him, at least until his time is up. >>
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    John - Winder, GA
  • The guitar-like assault throughout is actually Entwistle's heavily distorted eight-string Alembic bass. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France

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  • Eli from PhiladelphiaSinger Roger Daltrey disliked this song by John Entwistle. He claimed that although it had clever lyrics, it just went on and on for too long.
  • Eli from PhiladelphiaJohn Entwistle had a predilection for prostitutes throughout his later career. It is creepy enough that the day he died, he was found in bed with a groupie in Las Vegas.
  • Guy from Benson, NcGreat song!!!! The whole Who Are You album was great from start to finish.
  • Jim from Long Beach, CaGreat song. I remember when I was a teenager when this came out they would always play this song on the radio.
  • Neil from London, EnglandWhen the Who played this live, John introduced it as "a guy thinks he's a good lover, so he sees a 'professional' to get an expert opinion.. he gets a hooker to tell him he's good in bed..."
  • Pete from London, EnglandI thought this song was awesome...until I actually listened to the lyrics. Oh well, it's still ok I guess. haha.
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