An Original Man (A Song For Keith)

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  • This song is a tribute to Keith Relf, who was The Yardbirds original lead singer and was electrocuted in 1976 while playing his guitar at his home. Birdland was the first Yardbirds studio album since 1967. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • On The Yardbirds official site, bass player Chris Dreja said: "I remember writing the lyrics. I was at home and there was this book about the band on the table, and there was a photograph of Keith. I remember thinking how much he influenced these rock guys of today, their look and their attitude - I see little Relf copies all over the place. Relfy was the original man in that sense. I just wanted to write some lyrics encompassing what he was. He died young; he was immensely talented, a lot of it unrecognized. He was the real thing. So that's what really inspired me. The Gregorian chants on the fade very much fitted the reflectiveness of that song."
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  • D. R. from Okc, OkFor me the Yardbirds were one of those bands that had a magic. Jeff certainly had the guitar magic, but the rest of the guys completed the Yardbirds sound - and they still have it!
  • Ed from Lebanon, NhWhat a fitting way to close this album - to the one original Yardbird who never got the chance to join the re-formed Yardbirds.
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