Now I Know I'll Never Get Over You

Album: Still Got That Hunger (2015)


  • This song finds Zombies lead singer Colin Blunstone yearning for a lost love, as his dreams of getting over her have long been dashed. The band's keyboard player Rod Argent writes most of their songs, but this one was composed by Blunstone, who told us: "Most of my songs are just line for line what's happening to me at the time. I don't know how much to give away here really, but when we're touring for so many months in the year it can get quite strange when you get home and suddenly it's all very different to being on the road. Sometimes a strange atmosphere can build up because you've got this wandering minstrel who's just burst into a loving home and he's probably a little bit wild. It can be a little bit of a tricky situation." (Here's our full Colin Blunstone interview.)


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