Rx (Medicate)

Album: Wake Up Call (2017)


  • This song addresses America's over-dependence on prescription drugs. Frontman Tyler Connolly explained to Billboard:

    "I really wanted to discuss how messed up America is with this prescription drug thing. When I got divorced, I went and saw a therapist and the first thing she said was, 'I want to put you on some beta blockers or some sort of anti-depressant stuff' and I'm like, 'No! No Way! What? How is that the first thing you want to do?' I just feel like something's wrong and I felt like the song needed to be written and people needed to hear it."

    Connolly added that he felt the song's message was even more important following the death of Chris Cornell, of which the news broke about during the sessions for creating the song's music video.

    "It seems like every week something terrible is happening. I mean, Chris Cornell... and when we shot the video for it all these directors we talked to were like, 'Oh yeah, I had a huge prescription drug problem, so this hits home' and all that stuff. So it's a really important song."
  • The song features a more modern pop leaning sound than the band's previous heavier, hard rock music. The change in instrumentation was a result of a friend of Connolly's suggesting he take up playing piano and the Theory of a Deadman frontman enjoyed how the instrument forced him to write music differently than he had previously on guitar. He explained:

    "I got this beautiful piano and I put it in my house and just started playing and writing songs like I'd never written songs before. And the songs were so different and the lyrics were so different. It came from a place of complete freedom. It didn't come from a place of, 'Where's music at right now? What's rock doing?' It was just me sitting at a piano and playing chords and notes and then all of a sudden I come up with one song idea after another.

    To me this is the most exciting writing process and funnest record I've ever done... I told our management and label (Atlantic) this wasn't a conscious thing, I wasn't like, 'I'm sick of rock. I want to change.' It was the opposite. It wasn't a conscious thing. It was just me finding a place of freedom or happiness maybe. Something was happening that was great, in my opinion."

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  • Laurel Ann Hilvety from Herrick Illi get the song that is like me when i get bully because i have a leg problem it is called heredity spastic pair of paraplegia that what makes me soooo different.
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