Got To Give It Up

Album: Black Rose - A Rock Legend (1979)


  • This song is an early cry for help from lead singer Phil Lynott. Scott Gorham mentions in the Lynott biography The Rocker that while recording this album, Phil started to take heavier drugs and drink a lot more. He was clearly going through tough times, and died as a result of his drinking in 1986. Scott Gorham recalled to us in a 2013 interview:: "We hadn't really hit the peak of our drug thing at this point. We weren't feeling the down drag, if you know what I mean. But I think Phil also realized the dangers of it; well, we all knew the dangers of the whole drug world. And I think he was being honest. 'I've got to give this up. I've got to give this s--t up or it's going to kill my ass.'"
  • There is a song on Thin Lizzy's last album, Thunder And Lightning, that also cries out for help. It is called "Heart Attack." >>
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  • Many assumed that the song was about ex-Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson, who was ousted from the group under hazy circumstances (Black Rose was the first Lizzy album without him). However, Scott Gorham denied this. "No, the Black Rose album, that was the beginning of the end for the band right there," he told us. "For some reason in that city the drug dealers were just beating the door down trying to get into the studio. And unfortunately, we let them in."

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  • Gregg from Manchester, EnglandActually Phil died of heart failure and pneumonia due mainly to a heroin overdose - although I'm pretty sure the heavy drinking didn't contribute to his well being. Great song - love the live version from the album Live/Life.
  • Patrick Hamilton from Braintree, EnglandYeah kate i read that too - i think its a good choice personally, reckon hes a good actor, actually.
  • Kate from Manchester, NhGary Dourdan of CSI fame has reportedly been chosen to play Phil Lynott in an adaptation of "My Boy," a memoir Phil Lynott's mother wrote about their relationship.
  • Paul from Rothesay, New Brunswick , CanadaAnother amazing underrated songwriter. Rest in peace Phil.
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