Over And Over


  • The lyrics seem to reflect an addiction of some sort: "I know what's best for me, but I want you instead." This could refer to lead singer Adam Gontier's Oxycontin addiction that he went to rehab for in 2005. The One X album reflects the hurt and pain Adam went through. >>
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  • Giovanna from New Alexandria, PaI feels like me I'm chasing a boy that loves me so I stayed but he's being a player. I love him but I'm being pushed down every time I get up on my feet, and now a have a beast inside me I can't control.
  • Alex from Medfield, MaThis song pretty much describes a very complicated relationship I have with this girl. We really didn't break up, but we're not really together. She wants me to go to my top choice College that I applied to, WPI, which is in the same town she lives in, I'm still waiting on the response from them. Anyway shes in a relationship with another guy however she told me that she loves me still...just technically not now, I can't get her out of my mind and I don't know if she even knows she still means the world to me. By the way shes 16 and I'm 18.
  • Harlyn from Warsaw, Inok ppl i may not know for sure the meaning but damn its obvious its bout him and a girl breaking up an gettin bck together repeatedly when he knows he shouldnt be going bck to her
  • Chelsea from Jonesboro, InHe wasn't addicted to oxycotton. He was addicted to oxycodone.
  • Jazmyne from Bristol, Ctfirst of all you have to listen to the song in its entirety the fist verse goes:
    i feel it everyday
    It's all the same
    It brings me down
    But I'm the one to blame
    I've tried everything
    To get away
    So here I go again
    Chasing you down again
    Why do I do this?
    meaning he lives everyday the same way over and over, it brings him down what brings him down? living the same way day in and day out then he says he is tires and that he needs to get away but he cant so he here goes again, chasing you down.... the drug.... trust and believe you cant just walk away and it gets tiresome and to beat that feeling you take the drug in this cause pills, and when he does he regrets it... now second verse:
    Feels like everyday
    Stays the same
    It's dragging me down
    And I can't pull away
    So here I go again
    Chasing you down again
    Why do I do this?
    meaning the same things day in and day out again (thats why its called over and over)
    but he struggles to step away but the grip has too strong of a hold. and he keeps asking why do i do this?
    third verse:
    So many thoughts that I can't get out of my head
    I try to live without you
    Every time I do I feel dead
    I know what's best for me, but I want you instead
    I'll keep on wasting all my time
    means he has thoughts about what it is that he wants and thoughts that he is just wasting his life doing what it is he does, he has tried to stop but like i said before the grip is too strong he know what is best for him to stop and not do it anymore but he wants the feeling he gets from the drug the power, the release, the numbness.... i can relate i have been there with the same kind of drugs... and until you have walked the line you wont understand no one does that why many of you think its about a girl...
  • Jonny from Alexander City, AlOkay, so who ever said the song had to be about one certain thing? Songs can have more than just one meaning. I mean really, if you look at every single song in this album, it could be taken about a girl or it could be taken about Adam's Oxycontin addiction. I personally thought that the song was about a girl until I listened to it deeper and thought about the addiction he went through. Songs are like messages. And they often have more than one message to display.
  • Cody from Richmond, Vai thought this song was about a girl. it sorta explains my relationship with this girl i want to be with her but i know its not the best thing for me and every time i get hurt i keep falling for her agian.
  • Alexis from Ramsey, MnThis explains my friendship with this girl. I keep telling myself I need her, because she's honestly all I've got, but my mind keeps telling me to stay away. I try and listen to this advice, but I always end getting pulled back in.
  • Jesse from Peoria, IlPeople this song is about adam's drug addiction, but u can take it any way u want. and the lyrics "i know what's best for me / but i want u instead" could easily be about drugs. U know that you shouldn't take them but u still do.
  • Malcolm from Nicville, FlIf you look up the meaning it says its about his drug and the one x album is based off of the bandleaders addiction to a pain reliving medicine that is what the song pain is about and also look at the names of the song
  • Kayleigh from Sitka, Akif it wasn't for the string part, this would be an "eh" song. but the strings makes it a "YAY" song :]
  • Mike Fuentes from Melvindale, MiThis song is how I feel about a girl i fell in love with. And i still do.
  • Jacki from Holly Springs, Nci think that this is about a guy falling in and out of love with the same person, and it's hard to live without her, but he knows he can't have her because she doesn't feel the same way for him.
  • Arron from Lafayette, InUMM..I dont think this song is about A girl b/c I pretty sure Adam could get any girl he wants...So I'm pretty sure he doesnt have that problem, I also sure that he has a drug problem and thats most likely what this songs about
  • Carrie from Milford, OhI think it may be about drugs because he says "I try to live without you every time I do I feel dead" because people who are trying to get off of drugs, often feel worse than they do when they are on the drugs, and are on the drugs continually just to feel alright, and not horrible.
  • Chyeahhh Nonya from Why Do You Wanna Know..o.o, OhThis song is in no way about drugs the line "I know what's best for me, but I want you instead" is clearly about someone wanting someone and knowing they cant have them.
  • Valerie from None Of Ur Buisness, Bci love this song!! if it was about a girl it would be so sweet!!
  • Mercedies from Soldotna, AkThank you Trevor. It seems he is actually the first and only one I've seen truly encompass the song for its true and logical meaning and explain the reason behind it. you rock!
  • Trevor from Platteville, WiWhy could it not encompass either or both. Both drugs and women induce a chemical rush into the brain. Falling for a woman or falling for drugs starts a pattern in your brain. A pattern of seratonin rushes. Humans are creatures of habit, so the fact that he keeps falling over and over, means that he keeps falling into the same habit. The habit of inducing a feeling of love or high. After you get what you want via a high or love of a woman he implies you can only stay at that peek for so long and then over and over he comes crashing down. After he crashes he feels dead as he says and then he falls back into the pattern of his addiction. To either a woman or a drug. It is a matter of picking your poison. Song writers write songs so that there is not some set meaning. They write songs so that they have personal meaning to you. So apply his vague words such as "you" to your own situation. You can basically substitute anything in the place of you. That is the beauty of you. To me this song was about a girl. Two years ago it could have been a drug.
  • Emily from Frankiln, Tnit could mean that i mean about his addiction but i think it's mor about batling ant addiction wheter it be drugs or cutting or and eating disorder , when i first heard it i was in a hospital for all of those things and when i heard it i fell in love with the band thanx adam
  • Kaj from Castle Rock, WaThis song couldn't be about drugs. At least it better not be. Right now i'm in a situation where this aplies so closely to me that its scary. In my case the line "I know what's best for me/But I want you instead" refers to the fact the i fall for the person then get rejected and repeated rejections is kinda hard on the emotions.
  • Wes from South Bend, Inyou are all retarded this song is in no way about drugs the line "I know what's best for me, but I want you instead" is clearly about someone wanting someone and knowing they cant have them thats why they are wasting there time listen to a whole song next time so you dont sound like ur I.Q is lower than room temp
  • Michelle from Summerville, Schow the heck does that meaning up there have anything to do with the song?!
  • Stephen from Salisbury, NcI can see as to where with the line "i know whats best for me but i want you instead" could be used in the situation of someone haveing an addiction with drugs. I see it in the aspect that i experienced things with me wanting a girl that could do no good for me what so ever and only caused me problems but i was addicted to the relationship that we had together and even thought it only brought me pain i couldnt live with out her.
  • Mercedies from Soldotna, AkI would agree with Jailene but that "I try to live without you" line sounds more like an addiction than a bad relationship. Great song though.
  • Jailene from K-town, WaI always thought it was a song about a guy who wanted a girl even though he knew it could never work. Or something to that effect. I suppose it could be a song about drugs, but event that line "I know what's best for me/But I want you instead" could reflect a "bad" girl and how even though the relationship would be a bad idea, he still wanted it to happen. Same with the line "I try to live without you/Every time I do I feel dead". I have peronally experienced this in relationships; who hasn't to some extent? Just a thought; I really think it could go either way.
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