World So Cold

Album: Life Starts Now (2009)


  • This is the third single from Canadian rock band Three Days Grace's third studio album, Life Starts Now. Frontman Adam Gontier explained, "the song is about losing somebody close to you in your life, it's how your life changes." (Source: interview).
  • The writing of this song begun prior to the band's previous album, 2006's One-X. Guitarist Barry Stock told Fazer Magazine: "The sort of verse, pre-chorus of that whole song came about before One-X, but it never transpired into anything at that time and it wasn't until we were touring that it came together musically."

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  • Shawn Hobbs from Palm City, FloridaA little over a year ago, my beautiful fiance, Marie Ray died unexpectedly 1 month before we were to get married. We had been together for 9 years, both battled the first half of those 9 years with a horrible heroin addictions. We had both found a way out of that life, by helping others see hope. She passed away from a brain bleed, unexpectedly 1 month before my dream was about to come true. This song 100% spoke to me, and took on a whole new meaning when that happened. I could so relate from addiction to death.
  • Paul from Lagos, NigeriaThese guys just rock with clean cut lyrics
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