Pick Up The Phone
by Travis Scott (featuring Young Thug)

Album: Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight (2016)
Charted: 43


  • This song features verses by Travis Scott, Young Thug and Quavo from the hip-hop trio Migos. They all detail the frustration of their girl refusing to pick up the phone when they call, as she doesn't need them.
  • This was Scott's fifth collaboration with Young Thug, following Days Before Rodeo's "Skyfall" and "Mamacita," Rodeo's "Maria I'm Drunk" and the non-album cut "Nothing But Net."
  • The song served as the second single from Travis Scott's Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight album. It was also included as a bonus track on Young Thug's mixtape Jeffery.
  • The album title is taken from one of Quavo's rhymes in his verse

    I hate when we fight
    She in love with the pipe
    I draped her up in ice, I pour my four on ice
    Birds in the trap sing Brian McKnight
    Percocet and Codeine please don't take my life

    Scott recalled to Billboard magazine: "Young Quavius was rapping, bouncing off ideas, and I was letting him know the story and the vibe of my album so when he was doing his verse, dude just says 'Birds in the trap sing Brian McKnight.' I ran in the booth and I was like, 'Bro, this is it!'" [Laughs]
  • The record title stemmed from Scott's frustration at the time taken for his various creative endeavours to see the light of day: He said:

    "It took five months for my action figure to come out," he said. "It took eight months for the Hype Williams video to come out. I just felt like I was confined in a box. I couldn't do s--t I wanted to do to help forward pop culture and music. It's like motherf--kers still tryna hold me back so that was the whole gist of it. 'In the trap' has nothing to do with coke or anything. It's literally a trap."

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