I Invented Sex

Album: Ready (2009)
Charted: 42
  • This is the fourth single to be taken from American R&B recording artist Trey Songz's fifth studio album, Ready.
  • The song features the Canadian hip hop artist Drake. Songz also collaborated with Drake on the latter's hit single, "Successful."
  • Songz discussed this song with MTV News: "It's a groove record. It's got that knock at the same time. It's sexy at the same time. Conceptually, it's mind-blowing to tell a woman, 'You gonna think we invented sex when we're done.' That's where I am. Even with records like 'Say Aah,' conceptually I wanna think outside the box. You think about a record like 'LOL :-),' it's something real simple, but when you look at the title or listen to the record, you're like, 'Wow.' That's something great from a songwriter's perspective. I'm just trying to make hits and classic records that people can vibe to and live their life."
  • Songz told MTV News that the song's music video is a continuation of the one for "Say Aah." He added: "It's very sensual. The idea I had, it came from a banned Calvin Klein ad. It was a dude and two girls and they was touching and kissing. I was like, 'Man, I wanna do that.' We didn't go all the way there. I didn't have two girls - we simulated best we could, and it's more sensual than raunchy."
  • This was Songz's first #1 on Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.
  • Songz' label originally didn't see this as a potential hit. "We wrote the song and sent it over to [Songz] because I thought the song was a hit and a good fit," songwriter Carlos "Los DaMystro" McKinney told Billboard magazine. "He demoed it, but because of politics and bulls--t, [the song wasn't going to be released]. It actually leaked, and after they saw the reception it got, that's when they decided to add it."
    "Certain people at the label didn't believe in the record," Songz added. "It was said the chorus was complicated and wouldn't do well in research at radio. We were asked to change the chorus so that the line 'I invented sex' came earlier. I wanted it to be a single and the label wasn't onboard with that until after the record began to move on its own."


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