I'm Good
by Trip Lee (featuring Lecrae)

Album: The Good Life (2012)
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  • "I'm Good" is a song by Christian rapper Trip Lee. Lee's lyrics are often straightforward and meaningful, typically revolving around religious and upbeat themes, and the song is a strong example of this. The production is strong and laid-back, creating a welcoming atmosphere that falls perfectly in line with the song's optimistic theme.

    The song features a guest appearance by Christian hip-hop heavyweight Lecrae. The collaboration came about thanks to a longstanding friendship between the two artists that started when Lee, age 16, was able to meet Lecrae backstage at one of his shows. Lee has explained that Lecrae has been a sort of mentor figure for him. Explaining how the song came together in our 2012 interview, Lee said: "It was my idea, but we collaborated on how it all came together. It was actually the second song we did. We wrote one, it was called 'Feeling Good,' and we thought it was good, but it wasn't great. So we decided to work on another song, hit that beat. We were sitting in the studio and then I told him the idea that I wanted to communicate. And so we just kind of brainstormed about how we wanted to execute that idea."
  • The song is about finding the strength to persevere through hardship, as well as finding meaning in hopeless situations. Lee says that his faith in God allows him to do this, which is made explicitly clear in lines like "My life is hidden in Him so when I die I gain, and Jesus really be walking with me so how'm I lame?" Lee also uses strong metaphors that evoke the meaning he's trying to convey while still allowing clear meaning for the listener: "Pressure creates diamond and fire refines the gold; ain't nothing on this earth that satisfies my soul."
  • The song is the lead single of of Trip Lee's 2012 album, The Good Life. The record debuted at #17 on the Billboard Hot 200, making it Lee's highest charting work to date, and the third highest Christian Hip-Hop release of all time.
  • Describing his goal with The Good Life to Challies, Lee explained that "too often, especially within hip-hop, we’ve been told that the good life is a life with money, cars, and girls. Or maybe we think the good life is a life free from worry and responsibility. Or maybe a life where God gives us everything we ask Him for. Whatever it may be, I wanted to challenge those lies and paint a new picture of the good life using a biblical lens."


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