Every Girl in This Town

Album: Every Girl (2019)


  • Written by Erik Dylan, Caitlyn Smith and Connie Harrington, "Every Girl in This Town" is an uptempo anthem about dreaming beyond your surroundings.

    We dance and we laugh 'til we all fall down
    We keep kissin' boys, tryin' to figure it out
    Stretchin' for stars on our tiptoe hearts
    Tryin' to get our big dreams off the ground
    Like every girl in this town

    Yearwood told People "Every Girl in This Town" is a song that will hopefully encourage fans of all ages to "dream big" and not be afraid of failure. "It's okay to make mistakes and not be perfect," she said.
  • The single art conveys the song's message with a childhood photo of Yearwood standing on a table outdoors, her arms outstretched as she smiles at the camera.

    "I wanted it all," she recalled. "I was a little girl in a small town dreaming big, as evidenced by so many photos of me in dress-up, or like this photo... standing atop the picnic table in my stylish suede green shoes with the yellow smiley faces on them."
  • Trisha Yearwood scored her highest debut on Billboard's Country Airplay chart to date when this arrived at #21. This career best achievement occurred 28 years after she first appeared on the Country tally with "She's In Love With the Boy."
  • The music video finds Yearwood performing the song against a gray backdrop in a warehouse location. Those scenes are intercut with shots of women of all ages and styles belting out the tune. Look closely and you'll spot the singer's sister Beth, her niece Ashley, and her friend Glenda - all frequent guests on the Trisha's Southern Kitchen cooking show.
  • Trisha Yearwood told Katie Neal at New York's Country 94.7 studio what drew her to the song. "What I loved about it was it takes you back to being that little girl with a dream," she explained. "It's before you're old enough to doubt yourself; before anyone tells you that you can't do anything."
  • Co-writer Caitlyn Smith also appears on backing vocals.


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