I Remember You

Album: PrizeFighter: Hit After Hit (2014)


  • This Kelly Archer, Ben Caver and Brad Rempel penned sweeping ballad brings back memories to Yearwood of her mother. "The first time I heard it, I was hooked. I was in. I actually recorded it with a full band, and there was something about the guitar on the demo by Ben Caver, one of the writers," she told Billboard magazine. "I called him and said, 'I want to record it, but there's something about your guitar that is haunting me.' So I asked him to do a guitar vocal with me. He did, and that's the record."
  • Yearwood's husband, Garth Brooks, flew her sister Beth in from Georgia to sing the harmony on the song as a 50th birthday surprise. "I didn't even know — he flew her in, she sang it, she went back home," she told Yahoo! Music. "I came in to listen to the mix and I heard this angelic, beautiful voice that I knew well, and I knew it was my sister, but I couldn't figure out how it was my sister. And so it was probably one of the most amazing gifts anybody could've ever given me. I dissolved into a puddle, of course, and then talked to her and found out she dissolved into a puddle pretty much when she was trying to sing it. I really didn't know she was on the track at all until I heard the playback."

    "You know how you get emotional, and then there's the ugly cry? I went right to the ugly cry," Yearwood continued. "It's an emotional song for me, and her too. She's really shy and sings in the church choir. That was the ultimate birthday present, and it made it even more special than it already was."


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