• This song features Tkay Maidza, who is an Australian singer and rapper, born in Zimbabwe. Troye Sivan told Coup De Main about the collaboration: "That one was a little different, we actually didn't write in the room together," he said. "I had 'DKLA' the demo just sitting on my laptop for a good few months and there's such a sick beat in it that I would just kind of catch myself mumbling as if I was some rapper - which obviously I'm not one, but you know, just kind of mumbling under my breath - and started thinking about how cool it would be to get a rapper on it."

    "And then I knew that I wanted to be a female voice. I knew that I wanted a female to use the lower end of her voice and Tkay was basically the only person who came to mind," Troye continued. "She is absolutely killing it and I'm so proud that she's Australian. So I thought, 'Okay, let's try it and take a shot and see what she says and kind of hope for the best.' She got back to us with a GarageBand demo in two days, then went to go put it down in the studio a couple of days later."


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