The Chaser


  • There's a noticeable Glam Rock theme to this song, and the band admitted to BBC Radio 1 it was intentional. "We were in the middle of trying to make a genuine, authentic representation of being from Glasgow, trying to find our place in music and our identity," frontman Sam McTrusty said. "We got a little bit through the record, we realized we had all been brought up on Glam Rock."

    "We started going back through why we were in a band, why were playing guitar, all the moments we grew up with and there was a lot of David Bowie and early Glam Rock," he continued. "It was such a big part of our upbringing in this city. We all used to go mad for T-Rex."

    "It started to remind me of going on a bit of a bender at night or on a weekend," McTrusty added. "It just felt important that we show the fun side of where we're from."
  • The song incorporates singalong vocals, handclaps and clattering cowbells. "Every little piece we added to it, it became more addictive," McTrusty said. "There's a big gang vocal at the start of the song and we couldn't get it out of our heads and that's usually a sign that people are going to want to sing along to it."

    He added: "Then we started amping up the song more and more addictive, we can definitely picture people losing their minds to this in a live setting."
  • The video was shot at The Buff Club in Glasgow, the same place where Twin Atlantic played their very first gig. Sam McTrusty recalled their debut performance to BBC's Newsbeat:

    "We played in a tiny bar downstairs, it held about 30 people. But because we all used to be in local bands when we started, we bought all the fans from everyone's different bands. There was about 120 people there, we thought we were rock stars on the first ever gig. But actually it was just our pals."


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