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Album: Raymond Vs Raymond (2010)
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  • This pumping anthem to hot females was released as the first international and third American single from R&B singer-songwriter Usher's sixth studio album, Raymond Vs Raymond. It features the song's writer/producer from the Black Eyed Peas.
  • Usher and shot the video on the weekend of March 6th and 7th with director Anthony Mandler in Los Angeles. Mandler told about the clip: "Let's just say that the video is a spectacle. It really emphasizes what we love about Usher and the character and the icon that he is, and most importantly, it's really a video that showcases his superstardom."
  • This was Usher's fourth #1 single in the UK and his first since "Burn" in 2004.
  • This was Usher's ninth #1 on the Hot 100. In the period between the singer's first chart-topper during Valentine's Day week 1998 with "Nice & Slow," and this song's ascension to peak position, no other artist has outpaced Usher's production of #1 singles. Mariah Carey and Rihanna had the second-most chart-toppers in that time span with six each.
  • The song's ascension to the #1 position meant that Usher became the first artist to top the Hot 100 in the in the 90s, 00s and 10s. Only Madonna and Janet Jackson accomplished the three-decade achievement in the 80s, 90s and 00s.
  • Usher and Will.I.Am shot the Anthony Mandler directed video on the weekend of March 6, 2010. Usher told MTV News about his original concept for the clip. "We wanted to bring Will.I.Am into my world. Obviously, the international sound and look and feel has already been set, but we wanted to do something theatrical, fun and energetic to show us working off of each other and playing off of each other as artists, but the cinematography would be artistic and incredible."
    Mandler's inspiration was Max Headroom, an animated science-fiction character from '80s British TV. "The original idea was kind of Max Headroom," said the director. "That's where it came from — the TV flickering on and there's this character. We just wanted to bring it up to date."
    He added that the key to the clip was simply letting Usher's talent take over. "The concept was to create a world where we put Usher in a space where he does what I think he does better than anyone else in the world, which is perform at a level and magnitude of a superstar and take us, the viewer, whether audible or visually, on a journey, not a ride. And, in that, I wanted to create an unpredictability, so one set leads to another and another, and you never know what's gonna happen. Along the way, Usher becomes our guide. We're so focused on him, we don't notice the change. The thing is unfolding little by little, and you can't quite see far enough ahead to know what's gonna come next."
  • broke down his hit-making strategy for MTV's The Seven. "We call it 'A-B-ing.' Anything you make, there's nothing new under the sun. So there's always an 'A and B' to whatever your approach is," he said of producing smash hits for the likes of Usher. "So if you want a song to be a big #1 smash, then you have to play a Michael Jackson song while you're making your song."
  • The tune topped MTV's Best Songs of 2010 list. Runner up was Kanye West's "Runaway," and in third place came another West track, "Power."
  • Usher was accused of borrowing the song's hook from a tune used in the 2003 The Simpsons episode, titled "Dude, Where's My Ranch?"

    On "OMG," the R&B star sings, "Honey got a booty like pow, pow, pow/ Honey got some boobies like wow, oh wow." Meanwhile on the long-running animated show Homer Simpson belts out his own home made carol, singing:

    Christmas in December, wow, wow, wow
    Give me tons of presents, now, now, now

    It was a DJs at Jackson, Mississippi radio station Y101.7 who unearthed the connection and they created a video comparing the two lyrics, leading to leading to online fans speculating whether Usher based his chart hit on The Simpsons song.

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  • Jessica from Bangor, Menot the biggest usher fan but i have to admit that this is an awesome song.
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