I'm Gonna Save You

Album: The Lost Mile (2018)
  • "I'm Gonna Save You" was inspired by the idea of heroes sweeping in to save the day. Vertical Horizon frontman Matt Scannell admitted to Billboard that the concept is not one that comes naturally to him.

    "It's very much a knight in shining armor idea and sometimes that drives me crazy," he explained. "Other times I think it'd be nice for someone to just come in and save the day. Sometimes complete disregard for reality and the absolute faith in one's ability to overcome adversity can be unfounded, but also wonderful. This song comes from this place - thinking, 'There's no question in my mind that I will absolutely take care of you.' It's nice to love someone enough that you can throw everything else away and go, 'If that's what you need, I will give [up] everything for you without hesitation.'"


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