Any Friend of Diane's

Album: Pacific Daydream (2017)
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  • This slice of chirpy, acoustic pop is the 10th and final track from Pacific Daydream. The song began with a tune that Weezer fromtman Rivers Cuomo came up with on a piano. Looking for the hook, he picked up his list of song titles and hit on "Any Friend of Diane's, the name of the sixth episode of the first season of the long-running sitcom Cheers.

    "From the moment I saw the words, I started singing that melody exactly as it sounds on the record" he told The Independent, "the first thing that came out of my mouth was basically the finished hook."
  • Cuomo took lyrical inspiration from several different women who had been supportive during the early stages of his musical career. He explained:

    "I started thinking about the women in our early career that helped us or supported us in one way or another before we got a record deal. I was thinking about the woman who was my boss at Domino's pizza, she painted my band's logo on the back of my jean jacket and that meant the world to me. Or my girlfriend in the early days of Weezer buying me food, cooking me meals and giving me a place to stay.

    There's so many people like that; you're not signed to them contractually, they don't have a piece of your business as an investment but I don't know if I would have ever got off the ground without them. It's a very emotional relationship which is kind of doomed to end from the start."
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