Like I Never Left

Album: I Look To You (2008)


  • This song about reconciling lovers features the Senegalese-American musician Akon, who also co-wrote and produced the track. Houston also has a writing credit on this sunny, easygoing number. Akon spoke to MTV News about working with Houston on this song about trying to rekindle a relationship: "She was mad cool. Down to earth, yet conservative, polite. She felt like a high school friend. She felt mad approachable, cool as hell. We had a great time working. The chemistry was right on point."
  • To some this song might appear Whitney is singing about her ex Bobby Brown, but Akon denied this was the case. He told MTV News: "She's not singing about nobody. She really ain't. Actually, we switched some words around so people don't think she was singing about Bobby. This record is more of a record that anyone going through that situation would be able to relate to. It's just the fact that she got out of a situation is what made it more relevant."
  • Houston admitted to MTV News that when I Look to You executive producer Clive Davis originally suggested Akon as a collaborator for this track, she wasn't too sure. She said: "When Clive told me I would be working with Akon, I thought, 'Hmm, interesting, um, all right.' " Houston added: "I wanted the record like (her 1999 Wyclef Jean produced hit) 'My Love Is Your Love' with an island feel. I wanted an island record because 'My Love Is Your Love' is so huge... it has its own fashion with Wyclef. I wanted that feeling, but I didn't know who [could do that]. And Clive came and said, 'Akon is the guy that we're going to work with.' And I was like, 'OK, Akon. OK, I can deal with that.' "
    The collaboration was a success and Houston told MTV News: "He's a gentleman. He did his work very well. We did it very quickly, very diligently, and I'm very proud of that record. It's a great record." Akon also collaborated on another I Look to You track, "I Got You."


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