Nothin' But Love

Album: I Look To You (2009)


  • This is a track from Whitney Houston's seventh album, I Look to You.
  • This R&B club track was co-written and produced by Timbaland associate Nathaniel "Danja" Hills and uptempo specialist Fernando Garibay.
  • The song is a defiant, reflective tale of survival and strength, which finds Whitney running through a list of the folks who have helped her and those who have counted her out. She declares that even for the haters she has nothing but love.
  • Danja told Billboard magazine that his contribution to this track was adding subtle elements to enhance the feel of the song. "I loved the essence of the original track. I didn't want to change it," he said. "Just a little bit more knock in the drums, just make sure the chorus explodes, that everybody should [dance] when they hear it."


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